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SSD vs HD = HD

hi guys ignore this title i dont suggest HD is better heres situation i currently havei7 2600k 16gb random access memory 2x1tb HD 1gbit vent from worldstream and i choose to get the exact same cpu specs i7 2600k but this place is using 2x240gb SSD by using hardware raid 0 then my spouse and [...]

Request timed out on dedicated server

I start using a dedicated server. Given that last feew many days, i and the actual website’s users skilled “request timed out” concern. I apply: – Dual Xeon- 14 gb ram- litespeed A COUPLE OF cpu license- most up-to-date php (i utilize dso)- whm- cpanel CPU place is low around 1-4 (i’ve skilled higher CPU [...]

My CDN seems to be working… but yslow and others say it isnt?

our site http: //www. bootcamp4me. com utilizes a cdn by means of mediatemple but yslow, webpagetest. org yet others say im definitely not using one, what is a problem I could see my files think you are downloaded by this cdn.. so i am sure its functioning, but many checks say its definitely not. I [...]