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Wiredtree didn’t keep their SLA promise

I normally tend not to post negative reviews but after precisely how Wiredtree treated their very long time customer I decided to share my encounter with Wiredtree. I have a dedicated server and a few VPS with Wiredtree. I had been very happy with the service initially but they had some network outages a short [...]

How to fully utilize 1gbps unmetered

Could a system below fully utilize a new 1gbps unmetered 2XQuad Core E562032GB Ram8x2TB SATA 7200rpm 3Gb/s Raid 108port raid controller uncertain what brand/model still No BBU Run wetpaint, mostly for download big file as well as video streaming. Worry in regards to the raid controller bottleneck and SATA. What type of raid controller best [...]

just ordered a new disk and got the below error

I’v ordered an additional disk and Manged to get the below fault on smartctl test 190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0×0022 070 045 045 Old_age Generally In_the_past 30 (Lifetime Min/Max 23/30) Should WE replace this computer immediately got below response from my sponsor: “That is not really a critical malfunction. It is frequently a misinterpreted propietary sensible code” [...]

Softlayer local storage based Cloud

Hi, We simply moved our quite high traffic SAAS established application to local storage based impair computing instance along with everything went superb. We are becoming standard 4xRE4 RAID10 effectiveness in I/O. Local storage have now removed biggest worry of SAN I/O difficulty with Softlayer Cloud precessing instances. You is now able to consider Softlayer [...]

Cloud hosting for 70 wordpress blogs

Hello, i need Ones help finding Fog up hosting company. I wish to buy reliable impair hosting from very well established hosting company. I wish to host 70 blogger blogs. Those are blogs with PAGE RANK articles. (can be good if it is usually somehow distributed inside more IPs probably) – Currently hosted with DediServer [...]

Cloud Hosting For Forums

WE moved my sites from a dedicated to a cloud system, mostly because I wasn’t using minor of the dedicated host. I have one forum which is active, but not more in comparison with 100 users on at a time. I’ve improved the cloud system that will BETTER specs than I had on my old [...]

SaaS applications

Now i am considering writing a program application, that originally was planning to be software for the desktop, but now I’m thinking so that it is a web application plus monthly fee based service would have been a good idea. However, the part of making the application work to be a web application is making [...]


Does anyone know of this provider and more of their services Seems reasonably new without much info about all of them, other than their press releases. Emailed them, but as of however no reply – minor worry! Looks like a new company as some of the website pages are not complete (coming soon etc). Appears [...]