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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

Looking for a US Dedicated Server

I’m after a fanatical server based in the us, no specific site. My funds is $100-120(MAX) and would need to include the price tag on a cPanel permit also. No specific performance requirements, a thing semi-decent to particular a fairly high traffic wordpress site. Does any person have any recommendations to do to look at [...]

FYI: server4you after 14 months now blocking my server for processes by a given name

Your server was blocked once for web hosting service content (in this case ubuntu 14. 04Beta images whcih are usually legal content). Was told ?t had been for “infringing content” and so I forced removed them to get the server again. Got this server back running and left for host (ubuntu 14. 10 images instead) [...]

What’s the best scalable solution ?

We’re doing web service and hope we will gain new consumers month by four week period. Now we’re thinking what is the best solution to help keep the system scalable, so you can easlily get new resources if we need. We simply don’t wish to be limited by solitary dedicated machine when we expect several [...]

Best open source control panel to achieve pci compliance?

Hi, I know there are tons of open resource control panel (free), and i would prefer to know wich is the best to accomplish PCI compliance incredibly quickly Is there any open origin control panel that deliver PCI compliance outside the box, like cPanel and also Plesk, with not less than configuration I simply just [...]

portable IP from ARIN and cloud hosting

Hi there, I’m a tiny unclear whether cloud hosting must be classified as a great ISP, does web hosting Since each ARIN each ISP that get assigned a block is also response for developing a whois information every time they assign to a person, but in true of web web hosting service or clound web [...]

Looking for simple, no-hassle cloud hosting

This sites on my own new VPS host (IntoVPS) retained a 9-hour extended downtime period recently, which i’m not necessarily too happy concerning. So basically Im pondering cloud web hosting service, as it is a more reliable substitute for a standard VPS (right). I do such as the simplicity you get with a standard VPS [...]

Best Cloud Host ?

Hello i would really prefer to make cloud hosting technology and use this infrastructure to intended for my expanding lots of websites, blogs as well as forums. I think their own are some real benefits to impair hosting and i do believe it will pay off eventually when my web-sites are swamped with traffic therefore [...]

Cloud Web Hosting Providers…

Definitely everyone… I’m just in search of some random cloud web hosting service providers… Not computers, Just simple web hosting service providers that offer cloud based remedies, and true cloud based solutions located in the united states. I lack no budget choice yet, currently. I’m just wanting people’s tips about providers that they have used [...]

Need cloud hosting. Just ready hosting. Im final customer.

Good day, all! Please, assist me. I have Cloud hosting, not necessarily server, just web hosting service, like ispserver. com, however , not so expensive. Great thank you! So you have cloud hosting or maybe shared hostingispserver. com appears like shared hosting to my opinion. I need cloud hosting with cost like for fog up [...]