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SSD vs HD = HD

hi guys ignore this title i dont suggest HD is better heres situation i currently havei7 2600k 16gb random access memory 2x1tb HD 1gbit vent from worldstream and i choose to get the exact same cpu specs i7 2600k but this place is using 2x240gb SSD by using hardware raid 0 then my spouse and [...]

What provider should I use? 50K Uniques a day

50K Uniques a day 44K Files Downloaded every day 100 New Users Everyday 2K File Uploads Every day 5Tb Daily Bandwidth Im pondering: 1) Web Server 1) Mysql Equipment 3-4) Report Servers Is that will good or regarded as a start with internet and mysql for a single server I need at the very least [...]

Which is faster? (4GB RAM + Raid 10 + Litespeed) OR (16GB RAM + Raid 1)

Now i am seeking opinions for specs for just a dedicated server. The processer will definitely be an Intel Xeon E3-1230. The harddisks will be SIX. 2k RPM SATAII. Which of those further options could you choose to find the fastest loading sites – this will likely be for hubpages based sites (W3 Full Cache [...]

Need servers for web hosting – Please help

Hello, I need one Database server the other Web server Database device: 1TB Drive space (Will have to have more space within future)8GB MEMORY minimum Web Equipment: 200GB storage8GB RAM I discussed to Rackspace and perhaps they are way too expensive as I need to purchase more ram basically need more file. I received quote [...]

Intel E5-1620 vs E5-1650 for MySQL/lighttpd/php

Intel E5-1620 4-core in 3. 6GhzIntel E5-1650 6-core in 3. 2Ghz Which an example may be better for a web server Thanks. You ought to update your concept… I will vote for the E5-1650. More cores is going to be better if they can be utilized but if only one core is actually utilized then [...]

What’s server requirement for hosting WHT

MY SPOUSE AND I always wondering type server spec and network will i need to run a popluar online community like webhostingtalk. com such seeing that CPU speed, Memory and disk drive size, and bandwidth A advanced forum’s server setup could be two server (web + database) ideally would have been a or dual Quad [...]

What type of server to choose for this requirements?

Greetings, I require a server pertaining to my database associated with size 2-10TB along with 8GB RAMBut to the web server I want 200GB disk together with 8GB RAM. —————————————————– What style of server should I select – a dedicated server or your VPS or cloud storage for my database as well as a cloud [...]

IP Range Windows Web Server 2008 R2

Anybody know.. How to be able to setup IP Array in Windows Internet Server 2008 R2 Thank you Do an individual mean adding a total range in A SINGLE go, instead of adding them A SINGLE by 1 http: //technet. ms. com/en-us/l… /cc771274. aspx See below: http: //www. web hosting. com/support/dedicated/general/addip I have no idea [...]

How to setup RDC in windows web server 2008 R2

Definitely Ladies and Gentlemen What’s you realize.. How to setup RDC throughout VMWare under Microsoft windows Web Server 2008 R2 Thank you Or what does one mean Quote: Or what does one meanYes.. i am was setup like this. And in comparison with Networks VPS less than VMWare was set up as Bridged.. although RDC [...]