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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

Looking to split a dedicated server 3-4 ways

Hence, I’m pretty much fed up with my current host provider as they definitely have crammed that server with clients and from now on the HDD can be full so WE can’t upload or maybe edit my information… I’m interested in someone who choose to share a role-specific server from an agreed upon host the [...]

is core i7-920 from 24GB Ram enough for 20 VPS ?

Hi there, i need host 20 VPS, and it’s visitors tend to be from USA & THE EUROPEAN UNION & MEA & INDONESIA i identified excellent offer coming from hetzner. de, it can be dc in australia, i really want your opinion to sort it out and it’s interconnection speed, and would it be good [...]

What are the specs of your VPS node?

This title says it all and I am interested to discover what people are running for clients. VPS Nodes: Whitebox/SuperMicro 1UIntel Xeon Quad-Core E3-1270 3. 40Ghz or Intel Quad-Core i7 950 A FEW. 06Ghz24 GIGABITE DDR3 RAM2x1TB Seagate HARD DISK (soft RAID1)1Gbps network ServerCentral, nLayer, etc configuration is often based on ones budget. You must [...]

need cheap dedicated server

Hi, I will need cheap dedicated server for budget about 30-40 USD monthly with 2 GB RAM, 250-320 GB HD (if possible 2 advisors with software RAID 1), just about any location is good, 4-5 IP contact (I have SSL for those) and area and any processor chip above ATOM, it may be AMD or [...]

i am planning to start buying dedicated server, just want to learn how to manage it

i highly recommend you advise me the place to start after making payment for the dedicated server provider any advised cheap dedicated server to me i want to learn, then once i have learned to manage, i start out my business. I would recommend purchasing whether fully managed server or some type of management service, [...]

Question on ATOM server’s

We’ve a question if you’re experienced in ATOM server’s. I will be wondering if the ATOM server will run a consistent site, well a number of site’s. I possess a client that is running on a new VPS unit, but it’s starting to acquire a little slow intended for them. They currently possess 4 site’s [...]

Dedicated Server Providers

Greetings, what is the very best provider for devoted servers with good prices, thank people for yours replies. I have finally per 89. 00 with cPanel license the next server: E84008GB MEM2 back button 1TB HDD2000GB Bandwidth For a second time thanks a lot cPanel fee $25 already if its internal. So, you happen to [...]

Dedicated Server Ddos Protection – Gigenet

May be the Giganet can secure such Ddos Script AttacksIm enduring with Syn Harm and UDP overflow, but the UDP avalance can avoid basically will block completely the UDP to my network. Attacker make use of 100mbps – 1gbps range link with attack me. I assume through “Giganet” you mean like.. 1gbps Clearly your faster [...]