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SSD vs HD = HD

hi guys ignore this title i dont suggest HD is better heres situation i currently havei7 2600k 16gb random access memory 2x1tb HD 1gbit vent from worldstream and i choose to get the exact same cpu specs i7 2600k but this place is using 2x240gb SSD by using hardware raid 0 then my spouse and [...]

need recommendations to choose between two servers

Hi there, i want your recommendation to decide on between two hosts. first machine: 2x Quad Core: Xeon E5620, 8x COUPLE OF. 4 GHz (with HyperThreading)6x 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz (Total associated with 24 GB) ECC-YES2x A THOUSAND GB harddisks (7200 rpm) + raid1 by means of default1000 MB/s vent speed Second node: 1x [...]

Very Bad experience VolumeDrive.

Extremely Bad experience VolumeDrive. Hi Friends. Day SEVENTEEN – 03 – 2012 – These people Block External Vent.. because I been given ddos attacks Day 18 – 03 : 2012 – that they respond… “The port ought to be back on currently. “ Day 19, 20, 21, 24, 23, 24 – 03 – 2012… the [...]

Dedicated Server needed for Filehost

Hi I am acting onbehalf connected with ddlanime. com, a filehost just for animes. We were using OVH computers and Worldstream machines till now but wish to move on and find a few more servers or much better ones. Configuration we had at the moment was i5 (4) CPU, 16GB Random access memory, 2TB HDD [...]

Please Clarify My Doubts !!

Hi, My Need: -> 100Gb HARLEY-DAVIDSON -> 50TB Bandwidth (Monthly)- > Should be able to provide direct hyperlinks of my files- > Users should get as a minimum 1Mbps download velocity (if their online connection supports) can people tell me no matter if this dedicated node is sufficient or perhaps not Processor: Quad Main Xeon [...]

FDC server (1gbps) dedicated ?? true ??

https: //www. fdcservers. net/order-1. phpplan_id=406 1Gbps unmetered 6 months time Core AMD Phenom II X6 Thuban 16GB RAM 1x 2TB HARD DISK DRIVE + 3x 3TB HDD 1. I’m investigating this special fdcservers is offering 1gbps shared vent, and wondering when the server is actually able to reaching anything close to a full 1gbps swiftness [...]

detection of outgoing floods on VPS nodes?

I work with a VPS provider and we get a few abusers at daily basis, but there isn’t a way to tell they’re an abuser simply by seeing the order needless to say. Once they start out an outgoing overflow, it affects other clients about the same node as well. So Needed to ask this [...]

Questions when choosing a provider

Hey everyone! I’m an innovative start-up business that will be selling booking online. Therefore my site will probably be mainly text based which includes a few pictures. It is really built using PHP5 in addition to MySQL5. I have decided to host in this cloud because I want the reliability in addition to scalability. I [...]