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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

Storage server in US

Trying to find storage server in US(Chicago or maybe Toronto). Requirments: HDD: > 24TB; Hardware raid: Raid10 (> 12TB); CPU: E3 or better; RAM: > 8-10 GB; IPMI/KVM; Port: A SINGLE GbpsTraffic: > 50TBBudget: 400-600 UNITED STATES DOLLAR. Is it necessary for all this data to be stored on a single machine or would it [...]

cheap storage server in EU

No less than need 12TB Who will give me some suggest thank you How cheap do you really need it to beHetzner XS TOUGH LUCK is with 7x 3TB drives, costs 139EUR/month + 199EUR installation fee. Hetzner XS13 Appearance well. Hetzner is the best best option An alternative solution would be by ovh but during [...]

Looking for a dedicated server IN evoswitch

-I require the server for being located in evoswich-128GB regarding ram-at minimum 2 SSDs at raid 0 (yes, i know what i’m doing). 2*Intel 320 300GB can be fine. 600GB of required space can be a must-not sure in regards to the cpu. dual socket having 12 total (non HT) cores should do it. Higher [...]

Suggest me a provider.

I’m currently with WorldStream and they are seriously worst. I am now searching for a better committed server provider to go my customers. Here include the minimum requirements. 8GB ram10GB Bandwidth1TB Storage Space Budget 100-120 Euros Looking for a server in European countries. You should try Softlayer and ask them for a quote for yourself [...]

Review: Colocrossing

Background: We’ve got been using Colocrossing as being the primary hosting company for our company for around 2 1/2 years now. I have been the manager of our business for virtually all this time, and have dealt directly utilizing staff almost on a regular basis for the overall duration. I are extremely impressed when using [...]

SteadFast Cloud vs GigenetCloud

Hi Anyone features any comments as well as using Network latency, rate Disk I/O clever Etc… client would choose to only go with just one but performance or perhaps benchmark wise, both look top notch. Which one you’d opt to go with depending on performance specs. Thanks before hand for your enter. PS: this apologies [...]

List of Cloud Computing Hosting Providers

there’s no doubt that it may help for oneGoogle Software package Engine – Amazon EC2 GoGrid -RackspaceCloud/Mosso Right Level 3Tera — Elastic Owners Etelos — Hostway FlexCloud Joyent – Jungle Disk TerreMark — cloud. bg High quantity system (Cloud) allowing you site owners to apply automated cPanel/WHM empowered cloud hosting service in the load-balanced environment( [...]

How to choose a “cloud” hosting provider?

WE see Amazon EC2 for the reason that de facto cloud web host provider, with many online companies using them to size with. However, as I’ve been doing research recent years days, I’ve seen that you can find an overwhelming number of options. I’ve been in a position to narrow the list decrease somewhat, but [...]

Need Advice Choosing a Cloud Provider

Hey Guys, I am struggling to settle on the best cloud internet hosting provider. I am to Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud Services and NewServers. Would you provide any information that could help me make this specific decision. A little about genital herpes virus treatments need: 2 modest cloud servers (2 GIGABITE RAM, 1 core, 60 [...]