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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

Give advice for dedicated server

Hello, I need to order a role-specific server, so i highly recommend you give me the opinion and ideas for these website hosts: 1. poundhost2. racksrv3. redstation4. worldstream You can easily suggest other owners with affordable rates. Thanks ahead. What type of management shopping for Are an individual asking us which is why host is [...]

how do you sell dedicated servers?

for just a vps, you just split your focused server into vps. i was wondering find out how to guys sell committed servers and where don’t you get them from Dedicated server may be a physical server. Consequently, you need to get it from your data center (if you should resell them). i dont discover [...]

CPU and hyper threading question

Without doubt, so one of my servers can be a dual e5620 2. 4ghz x4 So that is 16 threads most of up, now we are calculating how numerous VPS the device can hold and also was wondering could i only be calculating as 8 x 2. SEVERAL or 10 a 2. 4 or 16 [...]

X5690 – X5675 – E5 Systems

Hi, Has the worth gone down for any X5690 and X5675 devices yet Back if everyone got the 5620 the majority of us had it, what’s the new system to consider over I’ve recently been thinking to get one of many e5-2650 cpu’s anybody have experience together with them The E3′s in volume drive offered [...]

AMD 6276 vs 4284

Prohibited purchasing new order of Dell servers right this moment, and am considering whether going with R715 as well as R415. The R715 is actually two sockets 2U machine, whereas the R415 will be 2 socket 1U node. Rackspace-wise, I can get two R415 for every R715. Unfortunately, Dell will not have G34 (for 62xx) [...]

Looking for a dedicated server in “Japan”

Howdy, I’m in search of a Windows 2003 dedicated server around “Japan” with all these spec: 1- CPU -> Dual Core)2- GOOD OLD RAM -> 2-4Gb3- Uplink port -> 100Mb4- HARD DISK DRIVE -> 100Gb5- Bandwidth -> 1000Gb6- Finances -> any not too many people here are familiar with japan serversi suggest a server with [...]

BlueMile/fast110tb packet loss

Hey Guys will there be anyone using Bluemile or maybe Fast110tb. com i seeing order today to get my streaming server but their site is having quite a number of packet lossusing this kind of tool http: //ping. microsoft http: //www. site24x7. com/ping-test. html please convey to me why there are quite a number of [...]

Reviews from and about scammers on WHT

This is a subject I’ve recently been longing to provide forward for some time now, so here its: One of the many background stories: I recognized a fellow on WHT having written a very few reviews about a number of hosters that looked like it quite odd to my opinion, and as some sort of [...]

Host with good DDoS protection?

Not long ago i bought a committed server over from Hetzner. I went to the EX 4S device the specs are really nice more than what I would like, the price is more desirable but they provide zero DDoS protection consequently it’s time I discover a new host. I’m hosting servers with the game “Garry’s [...]