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FYI: server4you after 14 months now blocking my server for processes by a given name

Your server was blocked once for web hosting service content (in this case ubuntu 14. 04Beta images whcih are usually legal content). Was told ?t had been for “infringing content” and so I forced removed them to get the server again. Got this server back running and left for host (ubuntu 14. 10 images instead) [...]

Your experience with OpenQRM in production environments

Good day WHT users, I’ve just lately tried OpenQRM in a test environment (KVM as well as OpenVZ, only local backup setup tough) and it looks very guaranteeing. Do you have experience about it in larger/live conditions and maybe their particular billing module In the event that yes, how does your setup resemble and is [...]

OpenNebula and Xen?

I became wondering if anyone is current with all the OpenNebula and Xen setup for just a private cloud, and what your thinkings are on OpenNebula inside general I am thinking of setting up a non-public cloud for testing as well as research purposes, any information and/or feedback is loved. Thanks, Landon I experienced a [...]

Why do you need “cloud”?

Why would you people need a fog up Has anyone actually noticed a “cloud” work because promissed Even Amazon S3 fog up suffer outages (do a goodle seek out “amazon s3 outage”) don’t you think that by actually paying more you have more So, this question is, if you ultimately choose a “cloud” server, are [...]

is the Cloud stable (amazon/mosso)??

hi, Does anyone has experience considering the cloud hosting network by Amazon or Mosso Would it be fast and reliable Regaridng uptime, do as yet they have 100% Any recently available major problem of offline/outtages thanks http: //status. mosso. com/ Quote: hi, Does anyone has experience considering the cloud hosting network by Amazon or Mosso [...]

How to Install rTorrent/ruTorrent on Debian/Ubuntu VPS

This tutorial will guide you through the setup of a fully-featured seedbox running on a Debian or Ubuntu system, including: libtorrent 0.13.0 rTorrent 0.9 ruTorrent Web UI (3.0) This guide has been tested with Debian 6 (x86_64) and Ubuntu 11.04 (x86_64). To start, access your VPS via SSH (as the root user) and do the [...]