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dotnetpanel problem, please help me…

Cherished All, I am when using the dotnetpanel since FOUR years, on exactly the same server. recently Concerning changed the host, and in order to advance the content on the old server (emails, internet websites, dbs.. etc), the server is virtualized and installed within the other server… the web sites are running as if there [...]

GoDaddy Server Keeps Going Down!

We’ve a GoDaddy Focused Server and every evening it keeps going down. Not sure what the difficulty is and I’m a ready-made newb when it comes to these things. Many i do is usually run facebook blog through it. Need help bad. How thinking of monitoring the server You need to try to monitor from [...]

Which the best dedicated server for downloading

hello I may build new website depend on downloading only 4 webpages html + TWELVE files ( average quality about 2. FOUR GB ) My Requests are: – Is 2G DDR3 more than enough Is one process Dual cores ( Central i5-2500 or Xeon x3450 ) sufficient Is Apache HTTP best choice or choose lite [...] – Attack notification

Relating to received interesting notification today. Hetzner routed me an attack notification, but I hardly understand, where the attack is, because it is normal traffic of my servers. Interesting will be line “Threshold FlowsDiff 45 flows/s, Diff: 41 flows/s”What really does limit 40 flows/s meansOf lessons, that their help not responding… Quote: Costly Mr…, We [...] review needed

Hello, Im looking for specifics of velia. net They use a really good offer you for servers E3-1230 Anyone every use velia. net dedicated server Thanks ahead. i am interested in same, i have gotten reply from “Benjamin Akilli” but it was on 29th from then on no reply from their store, still waiting for [...]

LeaseWeb: big, big problem.

These days, more than 3 days that we are without the server!!!!! These are the facts: 1 — The quarter together with LeaseWeb ending with 29/02/2012; 2 : On 29/02/2012 all of us looked the LeaseWeb Self applied Service Center as well as there wasn’t the invoice on the new quarter (March, July and May); [...]

ecatel sales

howdy, before i head over to sleep, i would like to share my experience with the ecatel sales. that ecatel sales is actually friendly, makes very good deals but is a little bit slow. i’ve obtained this nice deal: quadcore xeon x32208gb ram2 x 500gb disk 100tb about 1000 mbit unshared16 ips 115 eur every [...]

Want a S. Korea based dedicated server

Hello there WHT members, This is usually Yenhoo, I am back, how will you be all doing I am in search of a South Korea primarily based dedicated server together with quality service in addition to decent price, specific requirements are layed out below, please verify. Hard Drive Size: 200-300 GigRAM: 2-8 GigProcessor Kind: IntelProcessor [...]

Cloud Service

What are the best bet to get started on a cloud internet hosting service which people today can store information, run games, webhosting or anything else.. Some sort of server cluster between 2 or over servers You can examine OnApp cloud. Discover the URL’s http: //onapp. com/cloud/requirements/http: //onapp. com/cloud/pricing/ Quote: What are the best bet [...]

Any experience with Joyentcloud?

Joyent seems like it has your pretty interesting offering with their cloud offerings, b ut my own understanding is that remember that it is overhauled in the final month or and so. I haven’t had the opportunity to find much outside specifics of them, and was wondering if any individual has had any kind of [...]