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Dedicated Server Ddos Protection – Gigenet

May be the Giganet can secure such Ddos Script AttacksIm enduring with Syn Harm and UDP overflow, but the UDP avalance can avoid basically will block completely the UDP to my network. Attacker make use of 100mbps – 1gbps range link with attack me. I assume through “Giganet” you mean like.. 1gbps Clearly your faster [...]

Server with two processors ?

Will there be any benefit of the Server with not one but two processors for webhosting shared (CloudLinux OS) For case in point: – 32GB RAM- 4 x 300GB SAS 15k RPM hard disks in RAID 10- A COUPLE OF X Intel X5650 = 14 cores That mean you’ll have a lot involving clients (how [...]

Errot msg in cpanel cron update – /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron

Hi there, Today while i got mail via cpanel cron revise, I noticed one in the statement as below – ============================================/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron ============================================ 20120410. 035928 24241 20120410. 035928 24241 Purchase Check Error: 20120410. 035928 24241 record /usr/share/info/wget. info. gz via install of wget-1. ELEVEN. 4-3. el5_8. YOU. x86_64 conflicts by using file from package deal [...]

Intel Xeon 3470+ (Quad Core) suitable for 150k visitors / day ?

Good day, Can any Intel Xeon 3470+ (Quad Core) 8GB Ram is competent at serving 150k guests daily with pageviews approx. 350k P. S: w3 total cache with Cloud Front upon all wordpress is installed what can it be hosted on nowwe cannot grant you a correct reply without examining the load existing machine is [...]

Best E-mail marketing program for linux/cpanel?

We’ve a dedi server that i plan on utilizing for e-mail advertising and marketing purposes and YES the e-mail will be LEGAL… Anyways, whats the best in this as I used scripts previously via cpanel which installed but immediately after about 10, 000 gone available they start draping in mail servers and so they just [...]

Need Dedicate server for my new ad compny

Hi there guys i own a brand new mobile ad compny we have around 40 wap authors they each get nearly 30-40 e daily users. therefore plz suggest us dedicae server to get my ad network site Location… Budget… …. …. You must give us a lot more details… Quote: Place… Budget… …. …. hi [...]

how to find and delete error_log files via ssh

hello mates, l wish to find and remove every files named error_log having a ssh code, will it be posssible Quote: hello mates, l would prefer to find and delete every files named error_log that has a ssh code, is it posssibleWhy would you intend to do that The file should be used by most [...]

PHP Update (5.3)

Someone is already using the fresh version of php SOME. 3. x against your servers They had many reactions to incompatibilities Thank you Quote: Someone is already using the fresh version of php SOME. 3. x against your servers They had many reactions to incompatibilities Thank people I presume anyone mean v5. SOME. x. All [...]

Colocrosing review – 8 months later

To begin with, I’m going to use really hard to present a non-biased evaluate. I have read a whole lot about Colocrossing with here however Truly experience none in the negatives that other people have. I might be lucky who has learned I purchased my server on a Wednesday night back in July 2011 at [...]