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Question on ATOM server’s

We’ve a question if you’re experienced in ATOM server’s. I will be wondering if the ATOM server will run a consistent site, well a number of site’s. I possess a client that is running on a new VPS unit, but it’s starting to acquire a little slow intended for them. They currently possess 4 site’s [...]

Suspicious process running under user … for vbseo.php

Hi, I am geting lots of email for through ifd as: Suspicious process running under person aaaaaaa. tld. Executable: /usr/bin/php Command Line (often faked within exploits): /usr/bin/php /home/aaaaaaa/public_html/vb/vbseo. php Can anyone please help on this subject Is there a problem with vbseo. phpCan POST whitelist this file What will i do Thank you Quote: Hi, [...]

null route ip on my dedi

my business is running an host company and something ip under us is getting ddos, i need to null course the ip how does someone go about this Contact your provider and get them to do it. i want to complete it my personal, my provider would not provide support without cost. i prefer to [...]

Looking for reliable dedicated server for hosting small number of VPS clients

Hi, I am trying to find a (preferably US) role-specific server under $50 a month. 50GB+ Space500GB+ Bandwidth2GB+ RAM (4 can be great)Linux100Mbps cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin included can be just great I have checked DataShack, however they’re not answering my electronic mails. Thanks For individuals prices your in search of something that wont be [...]

FYI: server4you after 14 months now blocking my server for processes by a given name

Your server was blocked once for web hosting service content (in this case ubuntu 14. 04Beta images whcih are usually legal content). Was told ?t had been for “infringing content” and so I forced removed them to get the server again. Got this server back running and left for host (ubuntu 14. 10 images instead) [...]

running CentOS on SATA drive, mySQL database on SAS drive – a good idea?

We are thinking on web hosting service a PHP/mySQL application with a dedicated server, while using server itself (apache/mysql daemon, etc) running on CentOS on the main SATA get, while hosting the exact database (and nothing else) with a faster SAS push. I imagine the velocity will be faster when the actual database, that is [...]

How to format and remount ?

Hello, I own 2 HDD’s inside my server that is: hda1 and hdc1. hdc1 is backup drive. I need to unmount, re-format after which it re-mount this generate as backup get. How to do it I feel running CentOS and cPanel. Thanks. Here will be some websites: http: //www. webhostingtalk. com/showthread. phpt=742740http: //blog. jiwen. info/p=115 [...]

Possible to rebuild a failed RAID 1 while the server is online?

Since the title says, say We’ve a server with 2x 500GB hard disks in RAID ONE, and one on the drives fails… obviously I can replace it and rebuild the revolutionary drive so so it matches the facts again, right Can the following be done while the server is on-line Or does the server must [...]

Getting a dedicated server. iWeb?

I will be looking for an infatuated server and I found iWeb. com and WE found xlhost So i would like to know, are they virtually any decent Please remark with yours and share reviews maybe I do not think you can go wrong with iweb Great prices/services/support A friend used them recently and i [...]

(Virtual) Dedicated server – Godaddy or else ?

Hi friends I’m looking for a badget strategy to host 2-3 sites of my friends and one bigger the one that will act only as being a stage development site and is definately not online. Having a peek at godaddy, they have many virtual dedicated servers with $30-40 per month. I wonder if you have [...]