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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

Cheap storage-server (Hetzner/OVH alternatives?)

Hello there! I’m seeking a preferably inexpensive (or, reasonably priced) storage-server hosted inside a European DC. CPU along with RAM isn’t actually that important, nevertheless diskspace is. I’d find 3×1. 5TB as well as better I’ve seen Hetzner and OVH, although not really sure what is the best for me personally. If anyone has make [...]

Looking for dedicated options

The definition of some recommended options which might be under $100/mo What server specifications are you currently needing What location You will need to give more information on which you are needing if anyone is to try to point you while in the right direction. location matters a lot Do you need any control section, [...]

Need high performance dedicated server

Hi there, I’m looking for high performance devoted servers with higher volume memory. It can be mainly for canning data. Network should be stable. Could anybody gives some recommendations Thanks. what about CPU power and what type of network speedhow much is high volume memory as part of your terms What sort of budget are [...]

My Experience thus far with!

Howdy I posted last week ago looking for your good dedicated provider, saw lots associated with people posting ( with thanks ) We were in search of a good host that would be able to provide me having some managed solutions ( because although im away, i can’t always be in to do stuff which [...]

Dedicated Server Help

Hi there everyone, Ive appeared through this forum and gone from how does someone website and cant often find a good priced specification for any following dedicated equipment in Germany, Italy or Central The european union anywhere: CPU: Quad Core at the very least 2. 0GhzRAM: 6GB+ (8GB prefered)Hard Push: 1000GB+ (2000GB prefered)Bandwidth: TEN, 000 [...]

i went ask about reseller data center

hello all i really want list reseller data center leas-web ovhhetzner What is often a reseller data center OVH, Hetzner in addition to LeaseWeb aren’t resellers, they own all their own equipment. Quote: hello all i really want list reseller information center leas-web ovhhetznerAre you with reference to purchasing rack space at a data center [...]

Server OS

I’m unsure if I’m posting this about the right section… and even the right website. But, I recently acquired several DL140′s from a bulk auction (sorry if that’s too vague) but I don’t know how to job these machines. From what Allow me to tell, each advisors have a Non-Hot Put SATA 160GB because the [...]

Best Hardware for Onapp Cloud

Hi there everyone, Do anyone know who is the best/recommended components provider for establishing a Onapp cloud Hivelocity Softlayer or even Anyone you know Probably best to get in touch with OnApp directly. Hit up Ditlev and he’ll point you inside right direction. ditlevonapp. com They generally have wise on how to engineer an ideal [...]

how to implement cloud

Howdy, i would to ask should you guys can get me from the right direction on the way to implement cloud web host on windows 2003 as webserver So You want to do so that the server will react a cloud host That is not so simple. Or You are thinking about HyperV hosting Hmmm [...]