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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

how i can see if my server has abuse problems

how i will see if my server has abuse problems. how i will check if iit is actually any unauthorized us going for software in your serverthanks Is this an individual server, do you could have other clients web pages on it What do you define as maltreatment problems or unauthorized software What sort of [...]

Calculating resource usage growth in SaaS products

May anyone have any formulas to sort out these metrics Your question is very vague. What kind of metrics hunting to calculate Are all these metrics hardware based (such as cpu/mem/disk usage) or software package based (number of end users, app instances, etc).

Amazon Cloud EC2…

good day, i bought a amazon fog up EC2 and setup any CentOS Instance. I mounted flash media server upon it. However, most of my users are complaining that it the streams lag intended for them. I thought amazon’s cloud operated just like a CDN IT shouldn’t lag should it What will be server load [...]