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Infinitie – Suddenly providing worst service

MY SPOUSE AND I told them many times that they’re having unstable hex center servers. But they promised me construct y will provide excellent hex core as an alternative to E3 This will be the second time my business is using their equipment. Both servers are having problems. Server immediately restarts. I ought to keep [...]

Quirus Actual Issue: Server offline since 8 days

Hi, I’ve just registered an account on webhostingtalk trigger i’m tryng without success to make contact with the qirus costumer company (through email, msn, and costumer help ticket) because server that we’ve wit em (amd 8 core, 16 gigabite ram, ssd disk) went offline above 8 days past. In the begininning with the issue i [...]

Cloudflare was disabled on site.

Logged into the Cloudflare admin panel to obtain the message: “CloudFlare is temporarily disabled as a result of a system situation. To ensure you don’t have performance degradation website property, we are in the short term routing all traffic directly to the server. Once high performance is backside, we will automatically re-enable CloudFlare. “ After [...]

Very Bad Behaviour by greatseeder

Thought about purchased a node from greatseeder. com 2 days ago nevertheless till now the status is awaiting. Their on-line support is likewise unavailable. I had sent too many mails but could not receive any solution. I had generate 2 tickets but there isn’t a any reply. Then I build a dispute request from pay [...]

Can someone please tell me if this is possible?

Howdy, Basics: We have a Dedicated Equipment running VMWare. I’d like and therefore run a webserver for a VM (CentOS and lighttpd) after which run a archive server (Not sure what design yet) on a different VM. My concern is, how would I setup online server to serve from the home dir for the file [...]

Please recommend providers for sub-$200 E3 builds

Up until now in my life I have been working with low-end hosting space: Hetzner, VolumeDrive, for example. They are great but Hetzner is due to Europe and Concerning heard some not-so-good reasons for VolumeDrive’s network. I’m right now having reasonable self-confidence on my brand new web app that will succeed, and for the first [...]

Problem’s with FDC

Everyone had any problem’s with FDC lately We’ve had problem immediately after problem with them recently month and I’m about wanting to jump ship and also head for Joe’s, though the price is just simply too great. Concerning 10 dedi’s at this time there so I obtain their discount as well. I just bought an [...]

PERC H700 RAID card supports cachecade 2 ?

Could not find anything about this on the internet. I see the idea supports cachecade with only reads through SSD, but does additionally , it support cachecade 2 where it may do both go through and write coming from SSD Any help will be appreciated. Greetings, What unit SSD Please test http: //support. dell. com/support/edoc… [...]

Half Dedicated Server

Hello, I may see a few hosts offer “half of a dedicated server”. My organization is wondering how they begin doing this. Will it be virtualization (with some sort of control panel). Additionally, would you obtain root access Comparable to Semi-Dedicated… Do you think it will be with something this type of Xen/OVZ (and manipulate [...]