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Server4you information

May anyone here realize properly about server4you’s specialist servers. I searched the following and found only 1 good review. Their price is very cheap for what they are giving. And they want Plesk not Cpanel when control panel. Their isn’t any info on additional hardware plus software on their website. Their isn’t every way besides [...]

problem setting up subnet route for hetzner windows server

MY SPOUSE AND I ordered Windows 08 dedicated server along with IP 10. SOMETHING LIKE 20. 30. 40 I ordered subnet 100. 2 HUNDRED. 300. 400/29 I connected to server with RDP through 10. 20. 40. 40 All outbound connection have to be from my subnet/29How I’ll setup server Sorry regarding my english. You should [...]

Do I need a VPN for RDP?

I have been spending considerable commitment trying to look at cloud server vendors that provide SSL/VPN. However, I’m thinking that is probably not needed… All most of us do with your server is run RDP to access the machine plus run apps on it. Yes, which is an odd use for the cloud server, nonetheless… [...]

Noob question

Don’t laught: Can I make use of remote desktop control over a cloud instance I feel asking because in my A decade’s of having websites I always applied Linux, never Windows…. Also in the event someone can recommand a fantastic cloud provider I would appreciate that. Looking for wonderful bandwith mainly mainly because I need [...] (iCloud) Whats your opinion?

Cloudme. com (iCloud) Whats a person’s opinion I have just started by using this service today. I havent’t really had an opportunity to fully see the features but it really includes cloud storage intended for docs/pictures/music. You can store your current contacts and it provide you with a mailcloudme. com email address. Plus allows one [...]

easy ways to view u vps desktop

i want to view my centos vps desktop i am not very techinal so i need easy steps can anyone help You may need to install a desktop. How can you get to it? Vnc? Most things can be done through the terminal anyway. Which OS You Are using ? He says – centos If [...]