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“Apache (internal dummy connection)” or [error] could not make child process

Greetings guys, My server may be crashing almost each day. What happens will be the server ram gets used up and it turns into unresponsive. When I’m within SSH I are unable to even do anything for the reason that site has not any ram what consequently ever and my machine can be a really [...]

Suggestion for EU dedicated server 16GB+ ram

Hello there, I would like someone may also help me to find a reliable host provider. I checked that WHT offers section but Managed to get lost there, to a lot offers and some prices are unusual. So I hope someone improved info can give me his recommendation. I’m seeking a EU dedicated server with [...]

Why does disk upgrade increase monthly price even if it’s a one time purchase?

I could understand if month-to-month fees are minimal but an average of 1TB disk are at the very least $20+/mo more towards your billing. Does the power cost of 1TB disk justify additional $20+ on the monthly bill Would it be appropriate if file upgrades are $80 only once fee + $5/mo Profit. That’s all [...]

Better CPU E5-2620 vs E3-1275

Howdy, I’m planning in order to rend a equipment. Following specs can be purchased. Intel 1275/ 16GB / 4x SAS 15k 300GB RAID 0/ Raid LSI by using 512MB cache Intel E5-2620 /16GB / 1x 180GB Intel 520 Line SSD Both specs have almost similar price. Which config efficiency higher for joomla put faitth on [...]

16GB/Xeon Dedicated without tech skill

We have no tech talent about linux, but now I want dedicated hosting. Before POST rent dedicated device, but support is quite badI are unable to manage it. I manage dedicated as such as shared server, which server do you recommend for me *month finances $99 – $130*16GB RAM/Xeon*24/7 chitchat support*support is usually VeryGood*no dilemma [...]

How Robust is my server?

May someone here tell me what sort of performance I should expect away from this serverI own about 40 company accounts. Only 5-6 of them are actually active everyday. One of them is an extremely active image gallery in addition to has 300-400 users on at once. I possess a Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU [...]

What type of server to choose for this requirements?

Greetings, I require a server pertaining to my database associated with size 2-10TB along with 8GB RAMBut to the web server I want 200GB disk together with 8GB RAM. —————————————————– What style of server should I select – a dedicated server or your VPS or cloud storage for my database as well as a cloud [...]

1Gbps unmetered servers in multiple US cities

Good day, I’m searching for some recommendations with regard to dedicated server providers that will offer servers with 1Gbps unmetered page views at multiple ALL OF US locations. The equipment requirements are really minimal: – Xeon Quad Key, E3-12xx- 8GB RAM- 250GB+ disks in RAID1- Gigabit Ethernet (of lessons! ) Good high quality routes are [...]

Getting a dedicated server. iWeb?

I will be looking for an infatuated server and I found iWeb. com and WE found xlhost So i would like to know, are they virtually any decent Please remark with yours and share reviews maybe I do not think you can go wrong with iweb Great prices/services/support A friend used them recently and i [...]

Ordered a dedicated with burst, and so far, so good.

Definitely everyone, I ordered a separate server from Burst open around 3am EST, also it was online through 5: 34pm EST a similar day, that is often a decent setup occasion. I ordered any Core 2 Quad q6600 together with 8gb of GOOD OLD RAM, and got any Q9300 instead. Up to now, BurstNET rocks! [...]