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WHM/cPanel: Needing to MySQL on seperate SSD drive.

Greetings, We’re going to bring online your new corperate machine, which we run WHM to the simplicity of losing to manually set up everything up ourselfs. You’ll find purchased a fresh server with a good SSD because now our MySQL is killing the computer I/O of some of our current server. Our brand-new servers setup [...]

franceservers[dot]com has run away…

we’ve placed 2 order using this type of reseller from OVH, this specific month we restored my 2 device, but he has not renew my server with OVH, and now my 2 server shall be shut down seeing that expired. i publish many tickets by using him, but we all got nohting response. that sounds [...]

Looking to split a dedicated server 3-4 ways

Hence, I’m pretty much fed up with my current host provider as they definitely have crammed that server with clients and from now on the HDD can be full so WE can’t upload or maybe edit my information… I’m interested in someone who choose to share a role-specific server from an agreed upon host the [...] UK / Salt Lake City feedback needed

Can anyone have practical experience of hosting servers in either place with 100tb. com I’ve been recently with them just the summer years now as well as I’ve never had problems with Softlayer’s hardware and network but We need to expand and I would like some feedback… Thanks! Hugh Quote: Can anyone have practical experience [...]

don’t use, they don’t respond to tickets for two days.

I need to let you guys know how burst. net is actually treating clients. On certainly one of my servers that costs almost 180$/month I get an abuse complain from a person (basically my node was brute making it’s ssh password or even something) and I immediately will fix it. After SOME hours I create [...]

Question on ATOM server’s

We’ve a question if you’re experienced in ATOM server’s. I will be wondering if the ATOM server will run a consistent site, well a number of site’s. I possess a client that is running on a new VPS unit, but it’s starting to acquire a little slow intended for them. They currently possess 4 site’s [...]

Joe’s Datacenter Outages

Good day, I have any server located at Joe’s via DataShack the actual network is fine personally but these electrical power cuts are really insane. Just wanting to know if anyone features some info with regards to whats happening above there Several reboots as well as long outages during the past 20ish hours. I think [...]

How do you reinstall an OS?

Secure reinstall CentOS on a dedi you have direct entry to How about above IPMI By direct access can you mean a devoted server you rented from your provider or an infatuated server you colocated Quote: Secure reinstall CentOS on a dedi you have direct entry to How about around IPMIcrash cart! Quote: Secure reinstall [...]

Need dedicated server in Netherlands, Sweden or Russia

You want a dedicated equipment in Netherlands, Russia or Sweden by using 1gbps dedicated association (i can’t have the funds for unmetered), 16-32gb ram, dual opteron or maybe xeon (32 core opteron would be the best) Quote: I need an avid server in Holland, Russia or Sweden by using 1gbps dedicated association (i can’t have [...]

Adding CDN to my Liquidweb server?

Relating to a wordpress site which has some capacity plus speed issues on my liquidweb specialist server. I think having a CDN over my server will fix most of my issues, and to begin with was going to look with max cdn. Liquid web’s CDN is a lot more expensive than MAXCDN, but I’ve been [...]