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dotnetpanel problem, please help me…

Cherished All, I am when using the dotnetpanel since FOUR years, on exactly the same server. recently Concerning changed the host, and in order to advance the content on the old server (emails, internet websites, dbs.. etc), the server is virtualized and installed within the other server… the web sites are running as if there [...]

Low end dedicated with SSD

Once upon a time it was any habit to give a loan a server genuinely powerful and present day. There were no VPSes yet allowing to customize OPERATING SYSTEM components to the satisfaction. However, after I discovered I can optimize Web setting, the server’s specialization skills I relied on started being an overkill. Of course, [...]

Dual Hexacore Xeon X5650 Westmere 2.66GHz VS Intel Xeon 3450 (Quad Core)

Hi, I am using a nightmare with The current server coming from hostgator. com and that is the database is down at the days of peak you already know at afternoon until night, so what concerning is WordPress with greater than 10, 000 posts and comments. My business is looking for better CPU to deal [...]

need a dedicated server

Howdy, I want a dual key or quad key server with4 gb or over ram. 100 Gb or more hdd. 1 TB monthly bandwidth is enough. Please note i would be hosting the torrent site, which won’t run any tracker of specific to it on the server. The site survives around the public trackers hosted [...]

server hostname

tips on how to find out ones server host identify im tryin to setup my cpanel although leaseweb dont offer the server particular name Quote: how do you decide on out your equipment host name im tryin to setup my cpanel but leaseweb dont offer the server host name Just type “hostname” along at the [...]

Good company with low end servers for cheap?

Such as 30 bucks thirty days. I’m looking for anything which is comparable or above a p4 together with atleast 1 gig connected with ram. And a good amount of bandwidth. Above A COUPLE OF, 000gb though i am just only using such as 3/10th of that presently. I’ll be by using as a record [...]

Moving from US server to EU looking for providers

Definitely Guys, I would like to move a rather Large Setup from US servers to EU. I’m in search of established providers that could take our present setup. I can’t discuss freely full setup but as being a general information i am looking for Place Balancers 2x in relation to 10 Dedicated Hosting space with [...]

Best MySQL Configuration for RackSpace 32GB Cloud, Only using for Database (Big Site)

Hello there, I’m type of newbie in linux along with server things- We have an website who has 2500+ concurrent visitors and they all are using database, thus I’ve load balanced the httpd along with 4 cloud hosts (15GB each) along with using 1 mysql machine (32GB RAM) However, the mysql server is 70-90% free [...]


Anyone seen or investigating Vmware’s new open resource PaaS project http: //www. cloudfoundry. com Yep, reviewing with great interest. This may be the most public offering to point out the differences between present day (really yesterday’s) apps and what is the answer to take real a look at “the cloud”. Not seriously seeing the payoff [...]