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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

PCI Express Raid Card 4x Sata

We have a few hosts that need raid credit cards. Can anyone recommend a reliable but affordable raid credit cards. No BBU essential. Will end up being used for raid10, VM’s Server possesses 1x 1x PCI-e x161x PCI-e x81x PCI-e x4 Links to obtain and or specs can be nice. Thanks Adaptec 6405E.. Not the [...]

connection browser is very slow!

Hello Concerning a problem with my router. Plainly browse with browser (of any kind and from any PC associated with the router, firefox, world-wide-web explorer, chrome, and many others etc), web browsing is usually slow and from time to time, a position for some seconds then I identify that the browser don’t loads though I [...]

Which provider does offer 1gbit connection for cheap?

i need a server having dual xeon or maybe opteron, 24gb random access memory and 1gbit/s relationship in EU. just about any suggestions What’s your budget Check people providers: limehost. rowebtropia. comhetzner. comovh. com I think, that everything varies according to how many bandwidth you are going to use. Main and the majority important thing. [...]

Incero: 3 Month Review

For people who care… This will be my 3 month article on services from Incero. com. As I earlier mentioned in an placing your order thread, I ordered a dedicated server from Incero web hosting service service after studying several reviews, many were positive, many mixed. The equipment was setup quickly, and the IPMI/KVM was [...]

Price confusion

Expensive All, I here’s talking to on the list of hosting providers in addition to got the below details from their store. I am totally confused with this, Before going to talk to them wanted to learn from here Are usually purpose they are asking 1000$ monthly for 100Mbit/s limitless, when it can be free [...]

Best Bandwidth in Europe and US

hii have tested few corporations in USA and also UK, i possess listed them bellow. which of them will have the best bandwidth to MANAGE a IP TV project. if you could have further suggestions you need to do post all of them. what will be best i can decide upon USA and UNITED KINGDOM, [...]

100tb or similar

Anybody have suggestions for the provider like 100tb with 5-7 different places available with gige ports and some more recent HW Require 1 location in EU the other in Asia. Thx! 100TB in Asia will probably be expensive from any kind of provider, where in Asia are you interested to reach your current customers http: [...]

Reviews from and about scammers on WHT

This is a subject I’ve recently been longing to provide forward for some time now, so here its: One of the many background stories: I recognized a fellow on WHT having written a very few reviews about a number of hosters that looked like it quite odd to my opinion, and as some sort of [...]

Which RAID card is good for any NAS ?

My goal is to develop a NAS. Does any pal know which RAID card is wonderful for high loading I/O capability The NAS will probably be 8 X 2TB SATA HD. Adaptec 5805 + bbu. Or 6xxx collection + zmm should you not mind no out of your box support at some os. What is [...]