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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

PHP delay execution

An easy php_info generates within 1. 00 sec, second and subsequent visits to the current page takes to come up with 0. 09 sec there is usually no cache, no php neither apache accelerators it’s a home server, no link or negotiation complications. no dns troubles. all checked so are correct. I assume is problem [...]

Need recommendation for a small business

Heya, I am thinking of getting a new devoted server for our own company. I was investigating 1& 1 XL 6 as it had some quite impressive specs for just a good price (http: //www. 1and1. com/ServerPremiumXL). Sad to say, I’ve heard a few bad reviews at them. We want something that could not screw [...]

Looking for reliable dedicated server for hosting small number of VPS clients

Hi, I am trying to find a (preferably US) role-specific server under $50 a month. 50GB+ Space500GB+ Bandwidth2GB+ RAM (4 can be great)Linux100Mbps cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin included can be just great I have checked DataShack, however they’re not answering my electronic mails. Thanks For individuals prices your in search of something that wont be [...]

Dedicated Hopes

Formerly suffering with tinnitus researching, and trying to find a dedicated device, and I’m wishing that my expectations may not be too high. I’d like in order to introduce my expectation and see if I am hoping for too much, with my spending budget. I’d favor the OS for being windows, allowing me to RDC [...]

New Hetzner EX4 Setup

Hi there, After doing the right research, I decided to get a dedicated server along with Hetzner, also I signed up for a machine management at Platinumservermanagement. com, I already inserted a ticket for a server setup they usually responded very quickly and professionally. My issue is.. Can someone offer me with some kind of [...]

2 disk dedicated server

Helloi want to know please if for exemple we have RAID 1 with 2 x 2TO diskand dime os are set up on 1 disque have you a concept to how utilize the 4To on upon domain because on plesk i see just one diskthanks RAID1 mirrors your disks. So should you have 2 x [...]

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

I was wondering anyone provides ever used 1& 1′s Active Cloud Server. The cost seems be very reasonable but I’m wondering basically would be discovering on support and also uptime I was looking into getting the trust package. Processor Center: 1Disk Place: 100GBRAM: 1GBTraffic: 2000GBw/ Plesk Price: Free for the first 3 several weeks and [...]