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Server Stream Download Low

Hello We’ve script in the server that would make stream download through other servers. Many users download simultaneously how can i tell if my personal rented server will be consuming 1Gbps. For the same information be 1Gbps link. inform our users are not passing to download at top speed, so do not necessarily know if [...]

Suggestion Required

Hi there Friends… This is definitely my Second Submit here… I was looking for a VPS Node at webhostingtalk. com/showthread. phpp=8092853#post8092853 but markgrannum18 recommended me Dedicated Machine in $60 Per month at server4you. com/root-server/server-details. phpproducts=1 Can an individual tell me if it can be Good Choice running a Magento World wide web Store Yes, That [...]

looking for a dedicated server

hello every one, i am trying to find a cheap node: CPU> 3 cores the Xen is definitely better disk > 160GB RAM > 2GB DC: western world coast of U . S . (Best california) OS: windows totally free (i have home windows 2003 and 2008 license) KVM about IP support is superior! cost: [...]

Need decently priced freebsd server

without doubt all, need some sort of freebsd server all over again.. Last time I had issues with that reseller I got using.. don’t remember her name but people with this forum know him wonderfully I guess. http: //www. kimsufi. ie/ I for instance their servers and also prices but We are from usa and [...]

Ecatel cancell my server without any notice

hi there: I arrangement an server upon Mar/07/2012 at ecatel, the server end associated with billing is Apr/07/2012, I will paid my account today, but Ecatel cancell my server at yestoday, I have no idea why I usually do not overdue why a person cancell my server I’ve lot of particular date on that device, [...]

WorldStream – The greatest provider.

Well I got pretty frustrated and unhappy using them few days before. http: //www. webhostingtalk. com/showthread. phpp=8034154 But now, fortunately I bought this guy Rick on live chat from worldstream. nl and he’s amazing, super magnificent and exceptionally rapidly. He fixed All my issues, changed all my ip addresses, plus gave me a no cost [...]

Softlayer SanJose network problem ( Server)

Anyone have server at Softlayer SanJose locationI are now getting terrible network download velocity from where MY SPOUSE AND I live, but MY SPOUSE AND I still get pretty good network speed to their official downloadtest file. Can someone tell me what may perhaps be cause to such a issueThe standard link is Three times [...]

Contact dedicated server ISP or domain registrar to set up reverse DNS?

Who a few pointer contact to set up reverse DNS My personal dedicated server ISP or website registrar You should call whoever issued everyone the IP details (in this circumstance, your dedicated equipment provider). It’s alternatively simple process. All providers should assist you do this in addition to usually take very short period to get [...]

UK hardware upgrade – A little over-priced?

Hello there all, I’ve simply just requested a line from UK2 to acquire an extra 1GB of RAM to get added to my personal server, with no mention of per month price increase, some people quoted me 149. 99. That in my experience seems a very little excessive. I can only place the cost to [...]