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dotnetpanel problem, please help me…

Cherished All, I am when using the dotnetpanel since FOUR years, on exactly the same server. recently Concerning changed the host, and in order to advance the content on the old server (emails, internet websites, dbs.. etc), the server is virtualized and installed within the other server… the web sites are running as if there [...]

Speeds from australia

Hi there Everyone, I run a website that designed regarding australian students, with a lot of dynamic content. Currently prohibited serving about 200gb data a month, but this will start to increase dramitcally soon. Due towards expensive costs involving hosting in australia i’ve started to observe US hosting as an alternative option. But i’m concerned [...]

Low IO performance SW Raid 10

Can anyone have any pointers because of this slow raid overall performance. I know DD is not a ‘good’ method to measure IO nonetheless it gives an hint. E3-1240 / 16gb Ram/ 4 x 500gb WD RE4 Computer software raid 10 dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync Getting 139 MB/s Yet over a different server [...]

European dedicate servers with decent latency to Western USA/Canada

Since the title suggests, I’m just interested in any recommendations people guys may offer. Well, what is your definition of decent There’s acceleration of light, plus nobody can separate that: -)I would certainly say that everything between 120 ms and 150 ms really should be very reasonnable. Anyone claming < 250 ms from EU to [...]

Server from Malaysia and Cyprus

Good day! Do not know easily write in the best department. Looking for a server in Malaysia and Cyprus. parameters: CPU: DualCore and also QuadCoreRam: 8 GB200GB HD There can be something good For Cyprus view netshop-isp. There are absolutely no reviews about them at WHT but they’re on industry from 2004.

SuperMicro issues!

Hi there WHT members, I’m not sure this can be a correct part with the forum but I am hoping that someone employ a solution or more info regarding this. Anyway, we are having difficulties with our supermicro hosts that seems to travel into some kind of lockdown mode. If we plug-in a console into [...]

Top 3 parameters for rating a cloud providers

Howdy, As any provider, what do you think is the top three things users/customers want in a cloud provider As a user/customer, what are the top there things you are looking at in a cloud provider Some from the probable parameters: 1. Facilities 2. Cost3. Payment flexibility / pay as you go options4. API5. Range [...]

Cloud Hosting Billing Per Hour

Just how is per hour billing working for most of providers only have a server made a VPS, used 4 hours, and shutdown for any rest of day devoid of deleting the server. Will that count for 4 hours, or 24 hours because the VPS is still generally there, even though it is not running [...]

How to know the amount of RAM VPS is given?

Hello,I recently upgraded my RAM on my VPS and was wondering how to know if RAM has got added as I`m totaly new with VPS and this is my first vps and would be greatful if someone can help me out ? Ok, I’m guessing it you are using Virtuozzo. So log in to your [...]