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Host that allows hacking content

Well being how my website handles “hacking” related equipment im very aware that much companies frown using this kinda stuff nonetheless i can’t genuinely find any hosts in the us that will look another way and permit me to host that somewhat stuff im rather than looking to save infected files or anything that may [...]

HTTP Site is SLOW, Help!!!

Shell access to the dedicated server’s IP can be fast. WHM access (dedicated server IP) can be fast. cPanel access is fast (dedicated device IP). Secure FTP to the SITE’S IP is actually fast. But for some reason, loading the site inside a browser via domain name OR site IP is quite slow. It eventually [...]

Wiredtree didn’t keep their SLA promise

I normally tend not to post negative reviews but after precisely how Wiredtree treated their very long time customer I decided to share my encounter with Wiredtree. I have a dedicated server and a few VPS with Wiredtree. I had been very happy with the service initially but they had some network outages a short [...]

Provider for Tor Exitnode

I’m interested in a provider for just a tor exitnode. Requirements: E3-12308GB RAM250GB HDDCentOS5IPs (SWIPed)Unmetered 1000MbpsLocation Europe My spending plan is $2500 each month. Are there any recommended providers of which allow tor exitnode You will definitely consider donating to an organization like TorServers. web. Operating an quit node is under legal standing daunting and [...]

Need a file manager script that protect true file location

What’s a fantastic script that helps you list files on your own website available for download though the file locations are generally off server (not the location where the file manager is being hosted on) plus people can obtain off you although cant see the true location of where they’re just downloading from If this [...]

Good Dedicated Server Provider that Fully Manages without Control Panel?

We have a website that will primarily runs at PHP and PostgreSQL. I would like to move from my personal current cloud hosting to some dedicated server, but have struggled to get a vendor that should manage the server without cPanel fitted. I have found that cPanel along with PostregeSQL don’t blend well and WHEN [...]

Cachefly or Rackspace?

Hello there, We have about 500GB of bandwidth in addition to 1GB of storage that will host static content. We currently use Cachefly so are happy with their multi-level, but not so much using pricing. Rackspace is much cheaper and uses Akamai’s multilevel. Cachefly: $189/mRackspace: $90/m Should we make the switch in order to Rackspace [...]

Advice Needed on Running My Own Amazon S3 / CloudFront Type of Site

Hey guys, I’d like to setup my own website that has what S3 plus CloudFront does from Amazon, specifically for you to host and stream video clip. I’m just a little confused on the lingo, so maybe someone here can give me a direction. I think there’s two parts to the current. Part JUST ONE: [...]

Cloud Hosting for DotNetNuke

After over 3 years in development and 2 numerous private hosting, our cloud hosting platform for DotNetNuke is currently open to everyone. PremiumDNN, our next generation cloud hosting platform leverages one of the best providers around (Rackspace, SoftLayer, Enom) to provide the best DotNetNuke hosting solution: Scalable DNN internet site Reliable DotNetNuke web hosting service, [...]