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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

franceservers[dot]com has run away…

we’ve placed 2 order using this type of reseller from OVH, this specific month we restored my 2 device, but he has not renew my server with OVH, and now my 2 server shall be shut down seeing that expired. i publish many tickets by using him, but we all got nohting response. that sounds [...]

Price check on Budget US Dedicated server

I have been having really good luck with OVH nonetheless I now require a US structured dedicated server. The host will only become hosting maybe 1-10 sites that will never be pushing any true bandwidth, I doubt we will even top 1-5TB/month. Basically My business is looking for the united states equivalent of kimsurfi/OVH. Hello, [...]

Want to buy dedicated server

HiI am located in India and would like to buy dedicated node. Requirements are as below and many suggestions are delightful. Processor — Core i5 750 as well as goodRAM — 16GB or moreHDD : 1TB or moreBandwidth : 100mbps (unlimited shall be good but when capped atleast 10TB)KVM/IP having IPMI (Virtual Media)Price – I’ve [...]

need cheap dedicated server

Hi, I will need cheap dedicated server for budget about 30-40 USD monthly with 2 GB RAM, 250-320 GB HD (if possible 2 advisors with software RAID 1), just about any location is good, 4-5 IP contact (I have SSL for those) and area and any processor chip above ATOM, it may be AMD or [...]

cheap storage server in EU

No less than need 12TB Who will give me some suggest thank you How cheap do you really need it to beHetzner XS TOUGH LUCK is with 7x 3TB drives, costs 139EUR/month + 199EUR installation fee. Hetzner XS13 Appearance well. Hetzner is the best best option An alternative solution would be by ovh but during [...]

need server provider that…

Hello there all I like kimosufi/ovh and love tips on how to change the OS when you’d like without a ask for, they have every thing at your disposal. Anyway will there be any other providers that will allow you to do OS modifications and what definitely not without charging I need to shop around… [...]

Which provider does offer 1gbit connection for cheap?

i need a server having dual xeon or maybe opteron, 24gb random access memory and 1gbit/s relationship in EU. just about any suggestions What’s your budget Check people providers: limehost. rowebtropia. comhetzner. comovh. com I think, that everything varies according to how many bandwidth you are going to use. Main and the majority important thing. [...]


hi everyone, is them true that OVH/kimsufi right now accept orders from worldwide I’m from Saudi Arabia and I would like to order just one directly and in the event yes, what are what’s so great about going through a reseller anymore (they never offer free operations or so) and will there be a big [...]


Hello there all, I require a recommendation for the reliable host to get a new project our company is focusing on. We want to provide specialized impair storage service for you to our customers, and then for that, we would wish: – fast dedicated servers having between 8 for you to 32 gb RANDOM ACCESS [...]