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sincere advice required for dedicated server

Hello there all, I was very upset from past day or two because my web sites are creating problem over a dedicated server hostgator Intel Xeon 3470 8GB good old ram.. I get three wordpress sites about this server, one along with 15000 posts along with 100k+ comments, (100k outings per day)another 400 posts and [...]

mysql for a large website

We have a website offers about 500k UV per day. I work with 3 servers for nginx, and A SINGLE server for mysql. the mysql device has high heap, sometime up for you to 100. I have to set up a crontab employment to restart mysql twice every day. it’s still good now, kind connected [...]

Subdomain to virtual machine

For a start, apologies if this is actually the wrong forum due to this question, quite mortgage loan I wasn’t guaranteed where to post. I include 3 Cloud Hosting space with Rackspace: 192. 168. 0. ONE – HTTP Node – NginX192. 168. 0. ONLY TWO – NodeJS Node, Memcached192. 168. 0. 3 – MySQL (These [...]

Cloud vs VPS for forum

At the moment I’m on a XEN Vps. I recently saw the low-cost leaseweb cloudhosting, but it’s on a SATA RAID6 plethora. My dilemma is: how much will certainly SATA hurt the performance for your database intensive web site (forum) In comparison, this depends… Are people on SAS/SSD with the moment You want a person’s [...]

VPS.NET Onapp issues with Open-e followed by Starwind and now using Nexenta?

Hello guys, Is presently there anyone know this detail on this We are going to deploy OnApp in the future and want to be sure we would not face the problems that VPS. NET faced as We’ve read here. It may seem like they had poor experience with Open-E and also Starwind. Is there anyone [...]

Issue with EC2 and RDS connectivity.

Greetings All, I possess created a RDS DB your decide one EC2 instance, We can connect the db from mysql command collection on EC2 case in point and windows appliance mysql client but not able to connect through any net application php link. for for example. test. com/test. php It can be giving me error [...]

Amazon SimpleDB/RDS billing question

For Amazon SimpleDB, this says: Quote: Amazon SimpleDB measures the machine utilization of each and every request and costs based on how much machine capacity helpful to complete the specific request (SELECT, RECEIVE, PUT, etc. ), normalized into the hourly capacity of a circa 2007 ONE PARTICULAR. 7 GHz Xeon brand. and they cost $0. [...]

Rsync like incremental backups for mysql

We now have managed to successfully installation rsync for incremental report backups on our server on account of some help from the actual WHT users. We’re wondering if its potential to setup something equivalent for mysql backups. Something the location where the entire database isnt migrated, only the changes. I’m uncertain whether this is possible [...]

Is it normal to get 2 sec query that returns 0 row in cloud server?

That is something i saw very often in my mysql slow query. # Query_time: 2 Lock_time: 0 Rows_sent: 0 Rows_examined: 0SELECT manager_id COMING FROM teams WHEREVER league_id=’1′ AND ALSO is_playable=’Y’; I did the same query above in my PC but it took me 0. 750 sec. It is usually normal in cloud server to have [...]

Some advice on ‘cloud’ or VPS for a non-IT manager PLEASE!

Hello there, You advice about this forum would be a lot appreciated. I am certainly not an IT manager, but a director of any small and growing business (under 10 consultants) in whose employees work remotely most likely. Please forgive me when my questions are naive. I am unsure if I am trying to find [...]