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WHM/cPanel: Needing to MySQL on seperate SSD drive.

Greetings, We’re going to bring online your new corperate machine, which we run WHM to the simplicity of losing to manually set up everything up ourselfs. You’ll find purchased a fresh server with a good SSD because now our MySQL is killing the computer I/O of some of our current server. Our brand-new servers setup [...]

How to divide the website into more than one server ?

Greetings there. i employ a big website. how to be able to divide it against 3 ot SEVERAL linux server my website contain ( vbulletin discussion board, wordpress,.. ). i wish one server for mysql database, as well as onther one to get files ” apache “. how am i allowed to do that thank [...]

Question about Sql on SSD

Only get an SSD should i put the full mysql database within the SSD, Use the SSD limited to a mysql cache or squeeze whole database straight into ram. Out with the 3 choices which one would be your fastest Putting the full database in MEMORY is fastest with SSD to arrive second. Do not [...]

Setting Up a New Whm Cpanel dedicated Server

Hello there, I include just bought a passionate server with cpanel. Do anyone know bit by bit tutorial on tips on how to configure server just like a production server along with cpanel. Need guide. Thanks If you sign in whm, theres your setup process, easy. More advanced controls, then I will recommend contacting somebody [...]

running CentOS on SATA drive, mySQL database on SAS drive – a good idea?

We are thinking on web hosting service a PHP/mySQL application with a dedicated server, while using server itself (apache/mysql daemon, etc) running on CentOS on the main SATA get, while hosting the exact database (and nothing else) with a faster SAS push. I imagine the velocity will be faster when the actual database, that is [...]

Upgrading Dedicated Server

I’ve a dynamic webpage that gets a great deal of traffic with heavy use on a MySQL database and I’m looking to improve my dedicated was able server but are not aware of which option is for the best. My main concern is more within the speed (both solutions have ample very difficult disc space [...]

When is it time to go to a Dedicated from VPS

Hi there everyone! I’m simply very curious and wish very much to know in what point can you move from a VPS to somewhat of a Dedicated server together with respect to full daily page vistas or hits exclusive vistors etc. I’ve tried in order to Google and get lots of different estimates close to [...]

The MySQL® server is currently offline.

i just tried to set-up a database via cpanel and i am getting The MySQL server is offline. nevertheless mysql server when i see jogging. the sites which in turn using php along with mysql working good. the problem that noone in the server can make a new mysql database (that will be BIG PROBLEM) [...]

Would cloud hosting be appropriate for this?

A firm we do business would like to give us a 1. 2 gigabite CSV file regular of about NINE HUNDRED, 000 products. The full file doesn’t adjust daily, just any some products are dropped or included, but we still must pull it every single day to stay latest. Each product possesses several associated images [...]