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WHM/cPanel: Needing to MySQL on seperate SSD drive.

Greetings, We’re going to bring online your new corperate machine, which we run WHM to the simplicity of losing to manually set up everything up ourselfs. You’ll find purchased a fresh server with a good SSD because now our MySQL is killing the computer I/O of some of our current server. Our brand-new servers setup [...]

Question on ATOM server’s

We’ve a question if you’re experienced in ATOM server’s. I will be wondering if the ATOM server will run a consistent site, well a number of site’s. I possess a client that is running on a new VPS unit, but it’s starting to acquire a little slow intended for them. They currently possess 4 site’s [...]

Is OVH dedicated servers good or bad?

Hello! I was investigating ovh. co. british isles, they have great prices. Although I need a server that may be up almost 100% of times and isn’t slow-moving. I need good support however it isn’t a concern. What have got your experiences already been Good or bad I’ve acquired a server along with Kimsufi for [...]

question: E3-1270 vs E5620 ?

I considering the securedservers. com comparison page at http: //www. securedservers. com/why-se… comparison. php between a E2-1270 plus a E5620, benchmark nearly similar, are these A COUPLE OF server compatible any ideas I use this chart to comapre cpu refinement power: http: //www. cpubenchmark. net/high_end_cpus. html The price on the two SS servers in question [...]

Your experience with Cloud hosting?

I am looking to move each of my shared accounts from the traditional VPS into a cloud server. We have two questions: Do you consider cloud is far more reliable than VPS for regular cpanel/WHM accounts with regard to down times due to hardware/software Have an individual experienced the “self healing” feature If you have [...]

Can a cloud be a powerful substitute to shared hosting?

I’m an online marketer with numerous various projects occurring at once. I’m absolutely sick in sick and tired with managing all most of these dedicated and VPS servers Relating to for various projects, especially when many people come and go some other week. Is there a straightforward cloud host that will allow me to upgrade [...]

Why Linux df command still showing 100% disk used although I’ve deleted 20GB of files

Exactly why df command continue to showing 100% disk used at dev/xvda2 Filesystem 1K-blocks Applied Available Use% Fitted on/dev/xvda2 101471352 97968944 0 100% //dev/xvda1 101086 27568 68299 29% /boottmpfs 2097152 0 2097152 0% /dev/shm/dev/xvdc1 154816488 101374388 45577884 69% /backup/usr/tmpDSK 495844 10858 459386 3% /tmpEdit Hello, It is usually 100% inode use. Please run this command [...]

Advice for Cloud-hosting a CMS App

Howdy there, I want some advice regarding CMS website software package I own. It really is basically installed simply by clients on his or her servers or MY PARTNER AND I install it for them. I’m thinking associated with moving it for a cloud-hosted app somewhere the united states with hosting blueprints for clients and [...]

30 Day Review of

Hi, This full week, will mark the particular 30 day wedding anniversary of me moving certainly one of my blogs over to a VPS. net sale “Cloud Server”. WHEN I before I start the review, factors bit of foundation; I going the blog with regards to 60 days ago and it also became almost an [...]