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Kimsufi resellers

Really does anyone her find out a trusted Kimsufi reseller I will be planning on having their 24G deal and would prefer to try out that server for an month before pre-paying as it for the future 3. I likewise need a Microsoft windows Server 2008 OS license. Thought I’d point out that since I [...]

Cheap dedicated servers?

Hi, I wanted to order a cheap committed server and my friend recommended the ideal place is thatvps. corp. uk but I have also seen ovh. corp. uk are quite a cheap company nonetheless only accept card payments and I have only got funds in my paypal at the moment and I have to have [...]

BlueMile/fast110tb packet loss

Hey Guys will there be anyone using Bluemile or maybe Fast110tb. com i seeing order today to get my streaming server but their site is having quite a number of packet lossusing this kind of tool http: //ping. microsoft http: //www. site24x7. com/ping-test. html please convey to me why there are quite a number of [...]

EU dedicated server [Budget: 100$]

Hello there, I’m currently seeking an EU server with the next specifications (This will be minimum and that recommanded, if MY PARTNER AND I get more resources I won’t work with them because WE won’t need them): -1 GBIT connection (to absorb ONE HUNDRED MBIT ddos attacks) / A HUNDRED MBIT + Equipment firewall-5 TB [...]

references and experience with HostDime

Another person can tell me please in case you have bad or good things about HostDime. Currently I’ve a server, and for 3 months, but I always have bad experiences. have got poor connectivity, multilevel crashes. support files center real slower. if it can be normal or how to do to have a powerful support [...]

Registering custom nameservers on Windows 2008 R2?

Good day! I’m back from my previous post on which OS to use. (I chose 08 Common R2 ) I apologize again if it is a wrong section, it turned out a toss-up somewhere between Dedicated Server as well as Domains. I’ve bought a question nevertheless. This is before I’ve ever applied the Windows Node [...]

Ask me any questions you have about 12Gen Dell servers

We now have our first R720 in the datacenter here and we’re putting it through it’s paces, if anyone features any inquiries about this please let me personally know. Is that any recordings advertising No, just like every other time we have a new platform, I can post benchmarks, and many others and we are [...]

How to setup pfSense in Virtualbox (Under Windows Web Servers 2008 R2)

Any one know.. How for you to setup pfSense within Virtualbox (Under Microsoft windows Web Servers 2008 R2) Thank you Same way you’ll on a devoted machine. VirtualBox emulates a genuine computer. Nothing particularly mysterious that. You should proceed because you would with a real computer. Factor in I/O to the host machine.

problem setting up subnet route for hetzner windows server

MY SPOUSE AND I ordered Windows 08 dedicated server along with IP 10. SOMETHING LIKE 20. 30. 40 I ordered subnet 100. 2 HUNDRED. 300. 400/29 I connected to server with RDP through 10. 20. 40. 40 All outbound connection have to be from my subnet/29How I’ll setup server Sorry regarding my english. You should [...]

IP Range Windows Web Server 2008 R2

Anybody know.. How to be able to setup IP Array in Windows Internet Server 2008 R2 Thank you Do an individual mean adding a total range in A SINGLE go, instead of adding them A SINGLE by 1 http: //technet. ms. com/en-us/l… /cc771274. aspx See below: http: //www. web hosting. com/support/dedicated/general/addip I have no idea [...]