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Cheap dedicated servers?

Hi, I wanted to order a cheap committed server and my friend recommended the ideal place is thatvps. corp. uk but I have also seen ovh. corp. uk are quite a cheap company nonetheless only accept card payments and I have only got funds in my paypal at the moment and I have to have [...]

How to setup pfSense in Virtualbox (Under Windows Web Servers 2008 R2)

Any one know.. How for you to setup pfSense within Virtualbox (Under Microsoft windows Web Servers 2008 R2) Thank you Same way you’ll on a devoted machine. VirtualBox emulates a genuine computer. Nothing particularly mysterious that. You should proceed because you would with a real computer. Factor in I/O to the host machine.

IP Range Windows Web Server 2008 R2

Anybody know.. How to be able to setup IP Array in Windows Internet Server 2008 R2 Thank you Do an individual mean adding a total range in A SINGLE go, instead of adding them A SINGLE by 1 http: //technet. ms. com/en-us/l… /cc771274. aspx See below: http: //www. web hosting. com/support/dedicated/general/addip I have no idea [...]

How to setup RDC in windows web server 2008 R2

Definitely Ladies and Gentlemen What’s you realize.. How to setup RDC throughout VMWare under Microsoft windows Web Server 2008 R2 Thank you Or what does one mean Quote: Or what does one meanYes.. i am was setup like this. And in comparison with Networks VPS less than VMWare was set up as Bridged.. although RDC [...]

OnApp users, how do you handle Windows License management?

You’ll find been pretty satisfied OnApp users for a time, but have encounter a few roadblocks that actually make managing our own Microsoft SPLA licensing very , very hard. Since since SPLA licenses are per pick, how do you recognize how many cores ones users are operating Windows server about, and how to complete bill [...]

which is the best vmware or hyper V

Hello every one in cloud hosting room. Can anyone please advice us what design is the best for your cloud is it vmware or microsoft windows hyper v. Hope i will get few fantastic suggestion. Many with thanks, VMware wins out when it comes to stability and effectiveness – the hypervisor is quite mature now. [...]

Open source or windows platform for cloud hosting

I want to know that should the windows Azure cloud platform provides improvement over the other open up source platforms Quote: I wish to find out that if this windows Azure cloud platform is superior to the other open up source platformsThe replies you receive are going to be based on individuals opinions. The question [...]

Amazon EC2 Backup

Hello there All, I am currently contemplating the simplest implementation to complete regular automatic burn of my Amazon Web Services EC2 conditions running off solely Windows Server ’08. Is at this time there any recommendation Minimal 3 servers seat or over to 8 hosts. If it’s running off a EBS size, then the quickest could [...]

OrcsWeb Cloud Hosting?

Really does anyone have reviews of OrcsWeb Microsoft windows Cloud Hosting How reliable is it Is performance good I’ve looked for reviews, but could not find any genuine ones. This any good http: //webdesign. with regards to. com/od/webhos… gr/orcsweb. htm Jack, According to that review here, OrcsWeb Fog up Hosting is common at best. They [...]