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Should I be guaranteeing concurrent users for client?

A client require SLA that guarantees usage of an X degree of concurrent users. Do you find it normal to offer guarantees on concurrent clients in SLA in case yes, how to calculate concurrent users Concurrent consumers for what My respond to without knowing much info would be. Make sure ones hardware is spec’d to [...]

2 months review: FDCServers

Hello guys, Like a lot of you, I heard a lot bad things concerning FDC Servers. Many said their multilevel is bad. Many said their help is bad. But I still wished to give a try to these guys considering I found these individuals very kind. I’ve ordered a dedicated server with all of them. [...]

BurstNET IP Addresses not resolving Using SolusVM and OpenVZ Virtualizaiton

First time with BurstNET Colocating, But I even though this belongs inside server category. We recieved each of our IP Allocation nonetheless when adding to SolusVM using the Correct gateway, netmask values in addition to adding the IPs to a OpenVZ Container. Within the container ping just isn’t possible. When joining “route -n” within the [...]

Which hosting should I go for?

Hi All, I enquired this question within the Hosting topic and also was told most likely Dedicated, so asking identical question here also please. I develop the following requirement: – web hosting of my website- web host a demo variation of my product- web hosting service for clients of my item. I need Windows 2008, [...]

what is the difference between cloud server and vps

I’ve some confusion regarding vps and cloud server. Whats this difference between these. Few days ago i got myself a vps but among my friend suggest me to order a cloud equipment. He told my home that cloud server ar a lot more powerfull then vps. Are usually actuall difference Marketing. And water vapour. edit: [...]

VMware vCenter performance issues

Hi there everyone, We are actually having some vCenter troubles involving non-server side performance issues. My concern is when using the lag in that vCenter GUI that you experience when you begin to reach the actual 1k active VMs draw. The GUI remains functional but isn’t qualified to quite keep up how it used to [...]

fastest speeds

Hello there, I am seeking a cloud host provider with rapidly connection. My only need is pretty fast launching of my pages. Remember to suggest a cloud coordinator for my requirement. Thanks. Fast loading of pages has far more involved than just a new ‘fast connection. ‘ In reality, the connection typically isn’t really even [...]