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Need recommendation for a small business

Heya, I am thinking of getting a new devoted server for our own company. I was investigating 1& 1 XL 6 as it had some quite impressive specs for just a good price (http: //www. 1and1. com/ServerPremiumXL). Sad to say, I’ve heard a few bad reviews at them. We want something that could not screw [...]


I would like a dedicated server with this particular recommendation 2х Xeon E5645 TWO. 40GHz32GB DDR34x300GB SAS, RAID 0/1/5/6Unmetered Bandwidth Included PROVIDER SHOULD HAVE THIS 1. fine support2. ought to accept lr or alertpay < < snipped > > WHERE I MIGHT GET IT Are you inside a rush for any reason a host could [...]

null route ip on my dedi

my business is running an host company and something ip under us is getting ddos, i need to null course the ip how does someone go about this Contact your provider and get them to do it. i want to complete it my personal, my provider would not provide support without cost. i prefer to [...]

looking for a dedicated server

hello every one, i am trying to find a cheap node: CPU> 3 cores the Xen is definitely better disk > 160GB RAM > 2GB DC: western world coast of U . S . (Best california) OS: windows totally free (i have home windows 2003 and 2008 license) KVM about IP support is superior! cost: [...]

Looking Spain Win server

Im looking Spain Your windows program Server Qualification: : cpu 2x or even 4x core – hdd 80GB – ram 4GB — BW 1TB : network 10Mbps or better – Windows OS < $120 PiensaSolutionhttp: //www. piensasolutions. com/servi… ados/index. htm Is the Arsys white content label company. maybe dinahosting. com Also view SoloGigabit. Quote: Also [...]

Need decently priced freebsd server

without doubt all, need some sort of freebsd server all over again.. Last time I had issues with that reseller I got using.. don’t remember her name but people with this forum know him wonderfully I guess. http: //www. kimsufi. ie/ I for instance their servers and also prices but We are from usa and [...]

Looking for dedicated in EU, with good connection to USA

Howdy, I’m researching dedicated server with EU, with stable chek out USA ( 100-150 Mbps permanent traffic to USA). MY PARTNER AND I tested OVH and they also have big difficulties with connection to US. Budget < THOUSANDS OF EUR, need 8-16 GIGABITE RAM and SEVERAL TB HDD. Many thanks. Most quality networks in the [...]

What is Zend Framework and How to install it on cPanel ?

Hi, One associated with my client is usually asking me to install Zend framework about the server. I have got server running cPanel. What direction to go Is the item safe enough Why it should be installed on machine Please instruction.. Thanks. I think WiKi can assist you to some scope: – http: //en. wikipedia. [...]

Looking for a cheapo server in USA

Hi there Folks, Looking to get a cheapo server from the USA as a test node, nothing extravagant, just a couple of requirements. < $100160GB Hard drive minimum2GB Memory minimumtraffic/bandwidth certainly not important2 IP’sIP6 is really a bonus. Needs to get an automated reinstall and also KVM so it can be reinstalled on demand without [...]