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SecuredServers, wonderful experience after 1 year of use

Hi, I wish to post my encounter with SecuredServers. com after I have used their support for over 1 year now. First coming from all, I want to get clear that I usually do not post reviews related to hosting companies unless I’ve really tested their particular service and I have been around in business [...]

Adding CDN to my Liquidweb server?

Relating to a wordpress site which has some capacity plus speed issues on my liquidweb specialist server. I think having a CDN over my server will fix most of my issues, and to begin with was going to look with max cdn. Liquid web’s CDN is a lot more expensive than MAXCDN, but I’ve been [...]

Going with single SSD on webserver?

I’m currently building a single Intel 320 SSD with my webserver. I almost resolved to go raid1 SSD although can’t quite afford it at this time. My server does a complete cpanel backup to secondary disk each and every 24hrs. I stagger that having a mysqldump and off-site rsync copy. So basically the site is [...]

Need review for Giga International

Hi I have got read both optimistic and negative opinions about Giga International. I need you help to decided. if im on the position i will not go to that will company 1 purpose is high launch fee2 fake unlimited offering with regard to bandwith (but 35tb inbound and 10tb Released onlyits looks a bogus [...]

Xeon E3-1230 vs Dual Xeon 5520

We are presently having Xeon E3 server. If we need to upgrade which can be the better choice Dual Xeon 5520 a greater choice http: //www. cpubenchmark. net/cpu_list. phpXeon E3-1230: 8367Dual Xeon 5520: 9020Intel Xeon E5: 10401↑ Quote: http: //www. cpubenchmark. net/cpu_list. phpXeon E3-1230: 8367Dual Xeon 5520: 9020Intel Xeon E5: 10401↑ We can see you [...]

Problem’s with FDC

Everyone had any problem’s with FDC lately We’ve had problem immediately after problem with them recently month and I’m about wanting to jump ship and also head for Joe’s, though the price is just simply too great. Concerning 10 dedi’s at this time there so I obtain their discount as well. I just bought an [...]

Cheap storage-server (Hetzner/OVH alternatives?)

Hello there! I’m seeking a preferably inexpensive (or, reasonably priced) storage-server hosted inside a European DC. CPU along with RAM isn’t actually that important, nevertheless diskspace is. I’d find 3×1. 5TB as well as better I’ve seen Hetzner and OVH, although not really sure what is the best for me personally. If anyone has make [...]

I need a dedicated box, who gives best bang for buck?

My organization is looking for a different dedicated box for just a new service I am launching. LAMP add up. Looking to invest under $99 per 30 days. Anyone know with any deals correct now Features Requirememt Location where spot Quote: Features Requirememt LocationLocaton: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I am not necessarily too sure concerning [...]

E5-2630 vs E3-1275 for Cpanel webserver?

Greetings, we’re building a brand new webserver. It will probably be a Cpanel device, SSD drives, etc. We are overbuilding, hoping for large traffic down the road. It will end up being a PHP established site. The question is in the event the 2011 socket, better I/O recollection controller and stuff on the E5, along [...]

What Xeon CPU is better for a dedicated server?

Hi everyone! I am looking at a few dedicated server offers and got confused considering the CPU and which one is actually a lot better than the other. Could someone support me out please I have these: Xeon E5506Xeon E5520Xeon E5630Xeon X5650 Am I right assuming the fact that E5630 and X5650 are faster versus [...]