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How to divide the website into more than one server ?

Greetings there. i employ a big website. how to be able to divide it against 3 ot SEVERAL linux server my website contain ( vbulletin discussion board, wordpress,.. ). i wish one server for mysql database, as well as onther one to get files ” apache “. how am i allowed to do that thank [...]

Want to buy dedicated server

HiI am located in India and would like to buy dedicated node. Requirements are as below and many suggestions are delightful. Processor — Core i5 750 as well as goodRAM — 16GB or moreHDD : 1TB or moreBandwidth : 100mbps (unlimited shall be good but when capped atleast 10TB)KVM/IP having IPMI (Virtual Media)Price – I’ve [...]

connection browser is very slow!

Hello Concerning a problem with my router. Plainly browse with browser (of any kind and from any PC associated with the router, firefox, world-wide-web explorer, chrome, and many others etc), web browsing is usually slow and from time to time, a position for some seconds then I identify that the browser don’t loads though I [...]

Making Use of 10Gbps Server

I am looking to buy a monster server for my document hosting website, and need some suggestions to things go for from a server with your 10Gbps connection. The current server I will be looking at will be the following: 2x Tendencies Core CPU128gb RAM10x 3tb HDDRaid 10Linux CENTOS10Gbps 500tb Bandwidth Do you imagine with [...]

help me,how update server linux?

hellow our freindshow up-date server linux pleas help What exactly searching to update http: //www. linux-tech. net/ Which OS can you have as said, exactly what you trying to help update As post read it he or she got linux “server/minimal” as well as whatever some contains call it, the linux kernel variant (is what [...]

Problem With VirtualBox On Linux!

Hi Dears i set up VirtualBox 4. 3 on Linux (centos HALF A DOZEN. 2)there isn’t really any problem, until providing i want to get started on new os, an error is shown: Code: Kernel driver possibly not installed (rc=-1908)The VirtualBox Linux kernel car owner (vboxdrv) is sometimes not loaded or the good news is [...]

GoDaddy Server Keeps Going Down!

We’ve a GoDaddy Focused Server and every evening it keeps going down. Not sure what the difficulty is and I’m a ready-made newb when it comes to these things. Many i do is usually run facebook blog through it. Need help bad. How thinking of monitoring the server You need to try to monitor from [...]

Incero: 3 Month Review

For people who care… This will be my 3 month article on services from Incero. com. As I earlier mentioned in an placing your order thread, I ordered a dedicated server from Incero web hosting service service after studying several reviews, many were positive, many mixed. The equipment was setup quickly, and the IPMI/KVM was [...]

VmWare ESXi Dedicated Server

Any suggestions for a good dedicated server provider that offers servers compatible by using ESXi Looking for any reasonable cost/reliability stability. Have simply used dedicated servers during the past with one THE GW990 installed but started looking at ESXi affected person and I think I will make the jump and build one dedicated servers that [...]

suggestion or tutorial to host both linux and windows vps server

hiiam planning to host a linux along with windows vps server so we would like your suggestion. what will i need like exactly what os or vps panel that should go for to create a linux as well as windows vps server love it if more appreciate your guide. Good or Powerful Server, Xen/KVM plus [...]