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cheap Dedocated servers

i highly recommend you suggest me a better value dedicated server company, with an fine support team, no i ‘m not cheap stake suggest me kimsufihetznerleaseweb Those are certainly a quality options Andrius indicates but perhaps a tad bit more detail might guide narrowing down some options! What kind of spec server, job application, location, [...]

Dedicated Server advice

Hi there, I’m building a web application and We need to use a fanatical server because Need to interface with a Third party product which needs some server configuration. This can be a first time I am going to have used a fanatical server. The software is written in PHP by using a MySQL backend. [...]

Complex hosting

Hi I’m searching for some impartial advice on finding a HA solution startup for web job application (CakePHP based) that’ll have a decent amount from traffic out of day 1. (I am not looking for offers, just advice on easy methods to go about this kind of. ) We are developers not network or database [...]


Is Cloudmin really good for virtualization It’s free and does the work – but there are many better things out at this time there. Is for your own usage as well as to offer as a provider to paying clients. If it’s for clients I might really go for something like SolusVM thats more designed [...]’s cloud .. I thought clouds could take any traffic?

So my idea of cloud servers basically totals to shared resources, theoretically unlimited. Hence the facebook’s and twitters from the world rely on fog up services. Out of curiosity i’d like to know what you consider causes espn3. com to fail a great number of times during the globe cup.. the second your favored team [...]