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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

UK Server hunt :)

Ok so Concerning bashed the price tag on UK server providers when compared with the US/EU often enough recently few weeks, some keep reminding my family and protesting (almost) that it may not be as bad as I write out I retained some messages suggesting I am “obviously” not searching hard enough as there are [...]

When will OVH release the 2012 servers?

Well when would you think they will probably, I was told we might have to wait till the coming year but anyone bought some inside facts Really thinking about a bestof 1gbps nevertheless if theres an increased one coming out in a small amount I might only wait. Middle next year, most probably. February 3rd. [...]

Reseller Cloud Hosting

Hi Is at this time there anyone providing cloud hosting as a reseller, like yes us a manage panel with Admin access, similar for you to WHM, then, we should be able to create a/c to get customers, thru which they should be able to create/delete VMs from the comfort of 128mb to that scale [...]