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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

Price confusion

Expensive All, I here’s talking to on the list of hosting providers in addition to got the below details from their store. I am totally confused with this, Before going to talk to them wanted to learn from here Are usually purpose they are asking 1000$ monthly for 100Mbit/s limitless, when it can be free [...]

New server purchase

We are considering purchasing another dedi for just a new project i am working on. I would choose to stick with exactly the same specs of this servers I currently use as they quite simply have never steered my home wrong. Basically, I would really prefer some input on what amount I could “expect” to [...]

Good Dedicated Provider?

Hello WHT I am looking for a dedicated server that will provide the subsequent: 8GB or perhaps 12GB RAMRAID Shots off the tee, either 1TB or perhaps 500GB64 IP Addresses For all around $300 US monthly. Is the following possible, or unrealistic Pretty reasonable, but why do you need large amount of IP’s We want [...]

Ordered a dedicated with burst, and so far, so good.

Definitely everyone, I ordered a separate server from Burst open around 3am EST, also it was online through 5: 34pm EST a similar day, that is often a decent setup occasion. I ordered any Core 2 Quad q6600 together with 8gb of GOOD OLD RAM, and got any Q9300 instead. Up to now, BurstNET rocks! [...]

Req for make vps on dedicated server

HelloFriends Don’t botherI am a new userI possess some questions concerning Dedicated ServerI now take over a virtual serverNow I want to buy a passionate server and virtual servers inside build If not necessarily mistaken, I should want to install the vmware program server Multiple virtual servers so as to make it but I have [...]

WorldStream – The greatest provider.

Well I got pretty frustrated and unhappy using them few days before. http: //www. webhostingtalk. com/showthread. phpp=8034154 But now, fortunately I bought this guy Rick on live chat from worldstream. nl and he’s amazing, super magnificent and exceptionally rapidly. He fixed All my issues, changed all my ip addresses, plus gave me a no cost [...]

Choosing a dedicated server hosting: Servercraft vs DataShack vs Wholesale Internet

I am thinking of buying an affordable dedicated server for any small organisation that may host a very few low traffic PHP primarily based sites for bodily purposes, jabber for company wide Instant Messaging in addition to mailing solution for your employees. The dedicated servers we am looking at: ServerCraftIntel Atom D525 YOU. 8 GHz4 [...]

BurstNET IP Addresses not resolving Using SolusVM and OpenVZ Virtualizaiton

First time with BurstNET Colocating, But I even though this belongs inside server category. We recieved each of our IP Allocation nonetheless when adding to SolusVM using the Correct gateway, netmask values in addition to adding the IPs to a OpenVZ Container. Within the container ping just isn’t possible. When joining “route -n” within the [...]

looking for: dedicated server in montreal

I have been previously really impressed with all the overall speed originating from server’s/services based upon Montreal. So the following is what I’m exploring forMontreal, Quebec datacenter spot (would consider toronto)Minimum Specs – at least a dual core- 4gb random access memory ddr2/ddr3- 24 ip addresses integrated (i have HUNDRED domains +) * hopefully might [...]