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dotnetpanel problem, please help me…

Cherished All, I am when using the dotnetpanel since FOUR years, on exactly the same server. recently Concerning changed the host, and in order to advance the content on the old server (emails, internet websites, dbs.. etc), the server is virtualized and installed within the other server… the web sites are running as if there [...]

Intel E5-1620 vs E5-1650 for MySQL/lighttpd/php

Intel E5-1620 4-core in 3. 6GhzIntel E5-1650 6-core in 3. 2Ghz Which an example may be better for a web server Thanks. You ought to update your concept… I will vote for the E5-1650. More cores is going to be better if they can be utilized but if only one core is actually utilized then [...]

32 core dedicated server

The quantity of domains can this server host, can easily anyone do a least or some sort of rough estimation AMD Opteron 6212 8×2. 6GHz (4X8 = 32 cores) 32GB ram11TB bandwidth/month One more question will it be stronger than the next server: Intel Xeon E5649 6×2. 53Ghz + HT (2X6 = 10 cores) 16Gb [...]

Cheap dedicated servers

Can certainly anyone suggest me a good dedicated server along with powerful processor, big degree of ram and challenging rive under $100 One much more thing can anyone create a rough estimate what number of websites can be hosted in the server with some sort of Quad Core One, 4GB Ram in addition to 500GB [...]

which config. is better ?

howdy have A COUPLE OF options: 1. X3550 IBM by using 2X146GB SAS2. X3550 IBM using 2X500GB SATA purpose would be to host multiple internet websites with whm cpanel other data in the servers is a similar, and price is a same. thanks barnea Obviously that SAS disks would be better, but WHM works fine [...]

hybrid sites

Howdy, I found these guys hybrid-sites. com in addition to hybrid-cluster. com and pondered what your thoughts might be on this technology to be a hosting solution cheersBaronne Hello Baronne, My first impression is the fact that they must use shared servers — which in my mind is not cloud technology. I ‘m not bashing [...]

Looking for a low end cloud or VPS host

WE manage around 15-20 internet websites. I had these individuals hosted on sitevalley. com, but they have screwed up to the server and all data is lost. I am therefore getting excited about a low finish cloud host (self managed) which will provide at minimum weekly backups, some kind of redudency and your descent speed. [...]

cloud hosting Vs dedicated hosting

Hi please allow me to know about cloud web hosting service vs dedicated hosting that which can be the best approach for the dynamic and interactive website I choose to go with cloud web hosting. It is good regarding dynamic and interactive internet websites. Amk, This completely depends on what your blog will be doing [...]

Cloud and VPS,Which one to start with

Hello, I am new for this community. I am a university student who is experimenting together with some business ideas. I have been building websites for those local start-up businesses together with student groups in my faculty. I have found lately that a shared hosting company cannot handle more than 1 domain though it claims [...]