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first time request/page generation slow

Concerning a server throughout ovh configured simply by default with plesk 9. 5 and A SINGLE site with joomla and always the web site generation/time request in apachebench (and inside the browser) was dependable (around 0. 5sec). Eventually I have a big update problem plus my server crashed. Concerning reinstalled the server with all the [...]

Low end dedicated with SSD

Once upon a time it was any habit to give a loan a server genuinely powerful and present day. There were no VPSes yet allowing to customize OPERATING SYSTEM components to the satisfaction. However, after I discovered I can optimize Web setting, the server’s specialization skills I relied on started being an overkill. Of course, [...]

Never Order frrom

Alright, I am going to begin with a TL; DR for many who are searching. tl; medical professional. Infinite. net is some sort of fake ******** provider. I include called their mobile phone over 12 instances during business hours and have waited on maintain for longer and then 2 hours with no answer. I have [...]

Looking for Dedicated Hosting in California with fastest ping times to Australia

I’m looking for a Dedicated company in California when using the fastest ping instances to Australia. This remote hosting will be acting as your front-end for your main site in Toronto, CA, and so ping times to help Toronto matter too! Latency could be the biggest factor, followed by reliability, then cost. Any recommendations Los [...]

Volumedrive Review (very bad support)

WHEN I order two E3-1230 node from Volumedrive. One server (100Mbs port) can be good. But the opposite server (paid $10 to get 1000Mbs) is harmful, rootclf-128 # ethtool eth0Settings for eth0: Established ports: TP Established link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full 1000baseT/Full Encourages auto-negotiation: Yes Publicised link modes: 10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full 1000baseT/Full Publicised [...]

Cloud Providers in North America

Howdy All, I am in visit a list of fog up providers in The united states (US or Canada). We have a few requirements we are looking to include met. 1. IP Addresses to the server must often be public IP’s instead of private/Nat’d IP’s (AKA Absolutely no Amazon)2. Company must give a SLA (No [...]

Looking for a Cloud host

For the past month i’ve been trying to find a cloud provider to get a new project Now i’m starting. The project is of any fairly large scale all of which require mostly cpu energy and barely just about any bandwidth. I’ll possibly be running nginx, memcached, mongodb, mysql plus php. I would wish a [...]

Looking for Canadian Based Cloud Hosting for Resale

Hello there There, Looking for selections for cloud based web hosting in Canada (Ontario structured if possible) pertaining to resale. Price isn’t a major concern, need every single child have some flexibility in terms of server management access (not that we need access, but ability to acquire php modules and so on. installed as needed) [...]

Can a cloud be a powerful substitute to shared hosting?

I’m an online marketer with numerous various projects occurring at once. I’m absolutely sick in sick and tired with managing all most of these dedicated and VPS servers Relating to for various projects, especially when many people come and go some other week. Is there a straightforward cloud host that will allow me to upgrade [...]