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FYI: server4you after 14 months now blocking my server for processes by a given name

Your server was blocked once for web hosting service content (in this case ubuntu 14. 04Beta images whcih are usually legal content). Was told ?t had been for “infringing content” and so I forced removed them to get the server again. Got this server back running and left for host (ubuntu 14. 10 images instead) [...]

Need Euro Server Recommendation

Not long ago i bought some Western pop under classified ads (mostly FR, DE, UK. IT) My daily impressions needs to be around 100, 000-200, 000. I get server in ALL OF US, but it would seem there’s some latency between US and Euro. ( I really need to pop under a tiny website with [...]

most of the server ram is chached

Hi I work with cpanel and litespeed about my server, almost all users use rapidleech and also vinaget, so i have to use litespeed or else i can keep restarting the webserver every an hour. Here is this screenshot of free of charge -m about just about every 10 minute http: //www. shareyourimage. com/images/wuEXy. png [...]

Newbie Question

I am looking ascertain from an system ontology/ hardware perspective what could well be needed to take data originating from a device feed it in to a cloud or clustered host environment for storeroom. From this environment I could mine the data output of many devices users in that case could log proper website and [...]

Need suggestions for managed server

I am on two handled dedicated servers right this moment, however the boxes usually are not the latest and I believe if I moved with a new provider I could get by at one. I no longer contain the budget to fund two servers no matter after Google Panda so I HAVE TO move to [...]

Help choosing dedicated server

Hello. I ‘m new here and I would really like ask some help to choose a devoted server for my e-shop. I unique an e-shop by using wallpapers(oikadeshop. gr) and We’ve it on any VPS in England with the following: 12 cores, A FEW. 0 guranteed cpu, specialist Ram 4Gb, exchange space 2Gb, gigabit relationship. [...]

Suggestion required for my Dedicated server

Hello there all, Is it possible allow me to reduce my downtime i are on hostgator along with Pro dedicated equipment, but still my spouse and i get down times, when i ask their support each time they tell my home some unique trouble like apache seriously isn’t connecting well along with bla bla but [...]

2 disk dedicated server

Helloi want to know please if for exemple we have RAID 1 with 2 x 2TO diskand dime os are set up on 1 disque have you a concept to how utilize the 4To on upon domain because on plesk i see just one diskthanks RAID1 mirrors your disks. So should you have 2 x [...]

Image Deployment system

Hello there, I’m aiming to create a picture deployment to release images via PXE start, now at the instant my only OPERATING SYSTEM requirement is linux as I have no need to deploy windows images but basically can find a system which can do both then that will be great! Do a person recommend any [...]

How do I sync data between servers?

Concerning migrated to the latest server and some data appeared on the older server (don’t inquire… ). Now I would like to sync this old data towards new server in addition to I wonder what the easiet approach to do that is usually (and yes, if you need to help me for it feel free [...]