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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

Want to buy dedicated server

HiI am located in India and would like to buy dedicated node. Requirements are as below and many suggestions are delightful. Processor — Core i5 750 as well as goodRAM — 16GB or moreHDD : 1TB or moreBandwidth : 100mbps (unlimited shall be good but when capped atleast 10TB)KVM/IP having IPMI (Virtual Media)Price – I’ve [...]

32 core dedicated server

The quantity of domains can this server host, can easily anyone do a least or some sort of rough estimation AMD Opteron 6212 8×2. 6GHz (4X8 = 32 cores) 32GB ram11TB bandwidth/month One more question will it be stronger than the next server: Intel Xeon E5649 6×2. 53Ghz + HT (2X6 = 10 cores) 16Gb [...]

budget USA server

My organization is looking for spending plan USA server while using following spec: Intel Xeon X3460 quad center 2. 8ghz (HT)16GB Ram2 x 1 TB shots off the tee (Western Digital Dark-colored edition drive / Raid YOU Software) Around $90 monthly Which provider will offer me this That budget can be quite low, even intended [...]

Dual L5420 vs KimSufi 24G

My organization is currently paying around $70 (without improvements for $50) with regard to: Dual L5420 (8 cores)8Gb EEC RAM2x 1Tb RAID 0 Harddrives ($15/month, normal 250Gb)100mb/s, capped in 10Tb6 IPv4 handles ($1 each) Located within California, which is a good thing for myself, I might run some game servers for this server. (I are [...]

looking for small node

hello guys i, am interested in small node to help host 5 vps computers on it making use of openvzi will need amd cpu by using 4 or SIX gb ram along with 13 ip, 500hdd my budget is under SEVENTY $ thanks I think you have to increase you budget if you don’t are [...]

Looking for Offshore Server with Good HDD (Storage Servers)

Hi guys We are looking for offshore servers using good HDD while need them to become something like midrange storeroom servers. Our location requirement is anywhere except US together with good DMCA scheme (24 hour time) We want atleast 16GB Ram memory, CPU needs for being atleast 4 center with HT+ (i7 920/2600 and also [...]

Recommened: Dedicated Server For Filehost

A few of my friends needs some recommendations about server specs make use of for their filehost site. They at present use 2 these servers as Fileservers i7 2600 4x2x3. 4GHz HT+16GB Ram2 by 1TB 7. 2k RPM HARD DISK DRIVE (Raid 0)160GB HARD DISK (OS)1Gbps PortWHM + Apache + Nginx (nginxcp) Each Expenditures Euro [...]

Building a small private cloud

Howdy All, We are looking to build our own private cloud regarding delivering VoIP SaaS treatments. We have employed OpenVZ for several years with relatively good success but would like to migrate to Xen / KVM since they provide much better isolation etc. Due towards nature of the appliance we are running we’re not going [...]

AMD vs Intel; Cloud Computing

Which brand processor ever consider being best suited for that duties of a Cloud’s HV servers How are usually AMD’s 12-core processors VS similarly priced Intel’s (6-cores) when utilised in a busy Cloud environment It’s the wash, honestly. We have got deployed both 2-Socket Intel Quads (8 actual + 8 HT cores total) along with [...]