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SSD vs HD = HD

hi guys ignore this title i dont suggest HD is better heres situation i currently havei7 2600k 16gb random access memory 2x1tb HD 1gbit vent from worldstream and i choose to get the exact same cpu specs i7 2600k but this place is using 2x240gb SSD by using hardware raid 0 then my spouse and [...]

Storage server in US

Trying to find storage server in US(Chicago or maybe Toronto). Requirments: HDD: > 24TB; Hardware raid: Raid10 (> 12TB); CPU: E3 or better; RAM: > 8-10 GB; IPMI/KVM; Port: A SINGLE GbpsTraffic: > 50TBBudget: 400-600 UNITED STATES DOLLAR. Is it necessary for all this data to be stored on a single machine or would it [...]

i7-2600 vs E3-1275 vs i7-3930K

Howdy, I have a very question for an internet server, Which ones is way better for shared hosting services Server 1 Intel i7-2600 Quad-Core32 GB DDR 3 RAM2 a 3 TB SATA HALF A DOZEN Gb/s HDD; 7200 rpm (Software-RAID 1) Server 2 Xeon E3-1275 Quad-Core16 GB DDR 3 RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY ECC2 times 120 [...]

Price confusion

Expensive All, I here’s talking to on the list of hosting providers in addition to got the below details from their store. I am totally confused with this, Before going to talk to them wanted to learn from here Are usually purpose they are asking 1000$ monthly for 100Mbit/s limitless, when it can be free [...]

SoftRaid1 issue

Hi Guys… I have always this issue ever so often… every 3 many weeks…. # kitten /proc/mdstatPersonalities: raid1md2: energetic raid1 sda20 4192896 hinders 2/1 U_ md0: energetic raid1 sda30 2096384 hinders 2/1 U_ md3: energetic raid1 sda50 722089472 hinders 2/1 U_ md1: active raid1 sda10 4192832 obstructions 2/1 U_ ————-this can be a SoftRaid1 on [...]

Looking for LA Based Dedicated Server

My organization is looking for LOS ANGELES Based Dedicated hosting space. Any recommendations at good providers Doing a search on the forums here may produce some results for you concerning finding companies whom offer servers with LA. I would have a shot at that and maybe also check out the offers area here. What kind [...]

Possible to rebuild a failed RAID 1 while the server is online?

Since the title says, say We’ve a server with 2x 500GB hard disks in RAID ONE, and one on the drives fails… obviously I can replace it and rebuild the revolutionary drive so so it matches the facts again, right Can the following be done while the server is on-line Or does the server must [...]

2nd dedicated server setup – what is recommended?

The database is 3+ gigs, I’ve 1. 5 million posts, nearly 700k associates, and my database seems to not be handling too well (I’ve done optimizations for the server and here’s running LiteSpeed), So I feel it’s high time to get some sort of 2nd server added that will run my databases. What equipment hardware/software [...]

Hetzner EQ10 maxxed out for sale

Gents, I have an extra EQ10 server to decommission thus prepared sell it for $75 (less over a half of launch fee). Hetzner EQ10, Intel Main i7-980X Hexa-Core, 24 GB DDR3 RAM, 4 x 1500 GIGABITE SATA-II HDD (hardware RAID 10) Hello, How much could it be monthly Thanks, Ashley Interested. email martin ramdox. com [...]

Software RAID 10

Could Software RAID TWELVE run smoothly with a E3-1230 machine Is it an important improvement installed upon SATA drives Do We need another drive/partition to get /boot Thank you in your time. Quote: Will Software RAID TWELVE run smoothly with a E3-1230 machine Is it an important improvement installed upon SATA drives Do We need [...]