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WHM/cPanel: Needing to MySQL on seperate SSD drive.

Greetings, We’re going to bring online your new corperate machine, which we run WHM to the simplicity of losing to manually set up everything up ourselfs. You’ll find purchased a fresh server with a good SSD because now our MySQL is killing the computer I/O of some of our current server. Our brand-new servers setup [...]

“Apache (internal dummy connection)” or [error] could not make child process

Greetings guys, My server may be crashing almost each day. What happens will be the server ram gets used up and it turns into unresponsive. When I’m within SSH I are unable to even do anything for the reason that site has not any ram what consequently ever and my machine can be a really [...]

How to divide the website into more than one server ?

Greetings there. i employ a big website. how to be able to divide it against 3 ot SEVERAL linux server my website contain ( vbulletin discussion board, wordpress,.. ). i wish one server for mysql database, as well as onther one to get files ” apache “. how am i allowed to do that thank [...] Bad support service

Hi This is actually my first thread with this forum, so for a start greetings to all About monthly ago i thought we would go with this company razorservers for your e5620, everything goes fine while using service but i realized i always dont receive anymore mails from my own server. Im working together with [...]

Custom partitioning over ssh (debootstrap?)

greetings, I employ a dedicated server by providerservice and I desired to customize the OS install. At this point, KVM/IPMI is an exceptionally expensive proposition upon providerservice so I needed to see if it usually is done over ssh. the save system using RIPLinux and I prefer to use Debian derivatives (Debian SIX or Ubuntu) [...]

Dedicated Server Providers

Greetings, what is the very best provider for devoted servers with good prices, thank people for yours replies. I have finally per 89. 00 with cPanel license the next server: E84008GB MEM2 back button 1TB HDD2000GB Bandwidth For a second time thanks a lot cPanel fee $25 already if its internal. So, you happen to [...]


Greetings anyone know that the service of dedicated servers from bacloud. com is confiable thanks a great deal for yours reactions.

Strange problem with my friend Dedicated Server

Good day, I have one question about my friend dedicated server. Relating to found some strange problem with procedures ‘migration/#’. After rebooting equipment, i have associated with webmin that course of action migration is overloading my personal CPU: Quote: 14 97. 1 PERCENTAGE Apr19 migration/3 26 94. 6 % Apr19 migration/7 20 89. 7 % [...]

PERC H700 RAID card supports cachecade 2 ?

Could not find anything about this on the internet. I see the idea supports cachecade with only reads through SSD, but does additionally , it support cachecade 2 where it may do both go through and write coming from SSD Any help will be appreciated. Greetings, What unit SSD Please test http: //support. dell. com/support/edoc… [...]