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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

Price check on Budget US Dedicated server

I have been having really good luck with OVH nonetheless I now require a US structured dedicated server. The host will only become hosting maybe 1-10 sites that will never be pushing any true bandwidth, I doubt we will even top 1-5TB/month. Basically My business is looking for the united states equivalent of kimsurfi/OVH. Hello, [...]

Dedicated Server Ddos Protection – Gigenet

May be the Giganet can secure such Ddos Script AttacksIm enduring with Syn Harm and UDP overflow, but the UDP avalance can avoid basically will block completely the UDP to my network. Attacker make use of 100mbps – 1gbps range link with attack me. I assume through “Giganet” you mean like.. 1gbps Clearly your faster [...]

Want to add a low cost node to vps control panel

Hi I would like a usa structured dedicated server to use in my company vps plans can you recommend one regarding 25 dollars or less thanks Hello, $25 is a very low budget for your dedicated server. I don’t think you will discover anything worth using for VPS web hosting (maybe personal use). Assuming you [...]


I would like a dedicated server with this particular recommendation 2х Xeon E5645 TWO. 40GHz32GB DDR34x300GB SAS, RAID 0/1/5/6Unmetered Bandwidth Included PROVIDER SHOULD HAVE THIS 1. fine support2. ought to accept lr or alertpay < < snipped > > WHERE I MIGHT GET IT Are you inside a rush for any reason a host could [...]

How to sell dedicated server with my brand name?

Suppose my company identify is “az ltd”. I’d like be a channel reseller of dedicated server. But the particular servers ip target will show the chief company name. I am looking for such company who will please let me sell dedicated machine with my manufacturer. Is there any method to do this You can easily [...]

Rent to own Dedicated Servers

Hello there All, I am seeking some information/recommendation towards companies that include Rent/Lease to very own Dedicated Servers these days. I am visiting deploy some vps nodes than and looking pertaining to USA/Netherlands based firms with great name. I have found my manner towards Swiftway but they may be little slow in sales emails(not massive [...]

kimsufi verification process?

While i pay for kimsufi my own paypal, the resources getting temporary with hold, does it indicates on hold by my paypal or from the ovh to proceed when using the verification process, the length of time does it’s gonna take normally, it’s on midnight about my country. On the ovh order web sites it’s [...]

Need servers for web hosting – Please help

Hello, I need one Database server the other Web server Database device: 1TB Drive space (Will have to have more space within future)8GB MEMORY minimum Web Equipment: 200GB storage8GB RAM I discussed to Rackspace and perhaps they are way too expensive as I need to purchase more ram basically need more file. I received quote [...]

Looking for LA Based Dedicated Server

My organization is looking for LOS ANGELES Based Dedicated hosting space. Any recommendations at good providers Doing a search on the forums here may produce some results for you concerning finding companies whom offer servers with LA. I would have a shot at that and maybe also check out the offers area here. What kind [...]