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Suggestion Needed

hello.. I own few webservices this runs on glass windows machine… can all of us install web company in windows vps or maybe dedicated server is usually required i want sql databases too… its just to get experimenting.. cheap and best might be good… Plesk Is good enough Quote: Plesk Is good enough just what [...]

Cloud server attacked

Hello there All, I possess a cloud server building a website with cpanel etc. Lately I’m experiencing random IP being able to view direct pages one specific for only EIGHT seconds or fewer. We did possess a IRC bot running about the server which possesses since been removed but these addresses continue to direct pages [...]

Who offers following… Can you recommend?

Searching for similar to dedicatednow in addition to netdepot offers on onapp structured services with ability to work with my own hypervisor components but their networkbased san storeroom. Hereis what im talking about http: //www. dedicatednow. com/services-onapp-cloud= Does anyone know of another company who does that sameAny advice from anybody can be great. Thanks. You [...]

The Utility Business Model. Have you implemented it yet?

Hi Folks, I’m just curious at how many of you have applied the utility based structure like AWS where everyone charge per hr based on resources. I actually predict this may converge with the monthly based billing structure. I’m thinking there tend to be definitely purposes for receiving rates either differently for day as opposed [...]

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

This have been floating around for though, people are marketing clouds as both Public and Private. What could be the difference between the both Also, sites for instance VPS. net market there confuses as VPS but over a cloud Which they basically are but will there be any problem with selling VPS if they are [...]