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(Virtual) Dedicated server – Godaddy or else ?

Hi friends I’m looking for a badget strategy to host 2-3 sites of my friends and one bigger the one that will act only as being a stage development site and is definately not online. Having a peek at godaddy, they have many virtual dedicated servers with $30-40 per month. I wonder if you have [...]

Suboptimal Routing

Hello there Wht! I am currently using a dedicated service company that uses Level3, Telia along with Dtag + not bothered Decix peering seeing that their upstreams. But i will be experiencing some unusual routing issues, when they use suboptimal tracks, adding latency. What usually are my options, because it’s not a cheap provider Hi, [...]

Trouble with Private Layer (Outbound connectivity)

Hi, I are a client regarding PrivateLayer, or PL simply speaking, since quite some time now. I have i believe owned two vps with i was quite pleased until they made the swiss versions reboot every 3-4 a short time and started overselling and also killing processes. Anyhow I currently also have a dedicated server [...]

I’m looking for a server in china…

I’m seeking a reliable your windows program server in cina (hong kong might also be ALL RIGHT, but china could well be preferable). I would need every single child remote desktop towards it and go software on the item. I’m located in the usa and need every single child run software of which requires a [...]

New system setup

Howdy, im going for you to release new vps expert services and was wondering when the below would be possible to undertake: 1. ) When just one server is have less cpu, memory, storage just one more can easily control you or we can readily add new machines when needed (This is made for the [...]

Looking for Canadian Based Cloud Hosting for Resale

Hello there There, Looking for selections for cloud based web hosting in Canada (Ontario structured if possible) pertaining to resale. Price isn’t a major concern, need every single child have some flexibility in terms of server management access (not that we need access, but ability to acquire php modules and so on. installed as needed) [...]

RackSpace Cloud Server Maintenance Difficulty?

Now i’m considering moving COUPLE OF of my websites to Rackspace cloud machines, we are not ready to fund the $100 monthly managed fees. Right this moment we are over a Hostgator VPS. I’m wondering how difficult it’s going to be to run a rackspace cloud server since there is absolutely no Cpanel/WHMCS. I’m no [...]

My SingleHop 1 month review

I decided 1 four week period ago today to subscribe to cloud hosting on SingleHop the signup process was straightforward nothing dramatic. The cloud was brought as order brief of 15 a matter of minutes with cPanel established. I really including there system they want designed it may deploy an OS in the shortest time [...]

Can I use one of those “cloud hosting” services for website hosting?

Sorry to get a noobish question, but can Fog up hosting services be helpful to host websites and now have it operated the exact same way as a fanatical server If so which are the advantages/disadvantages of making use of Cloud hosting versus dedicated servers Goldenrace, Cloud Web hosting Services will typically host your websites [...]