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dotnetpanel problem, please help me…

Cherished All, I am when using the dotnetpanel since FOUR years, on exactly the same server. recently Concerning changed the host, and in order to advance the content on the old server (emails, internet websites, dbs.. etc), the server is virtualized and installed within the other server… the web sites are running as if there [...]

Reboot Server Automatically

Relating to a CentOS equipment running on Apache that decreases at least when a day. I just downloadable “Uptime Scout” for monitoring and it also apparently allows me to reboot this automatically. “Command to be able to execute on server fail” “Command range: ” I don’t really determine what this is. Is that this like [...]

Is a VPS Cloud a good platform to start a hosting site on?

I am wondering if this may be a wave of the longer term or just a stop gap for many people new hosts looking to start up on the cheap and still maintain dependability. It is an attractive offer and therefore start with just a little and also scale up as needed without needing the [...]