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lookig for uk dedi

Hi I’m after a dedi from the ukMin 5 core with ht8 gb ramRaid 1 At very least 2-3tb Budget 100 ish Keith Are you trying to find a managed and also unmanaged solution hi, UnmanagedKVM gain access to on request will be good Keith You might check Redstation. I think chances are you’ll struggle [...]

Euro customers – Speed difference between US & Euro server?

Greetings, I employ a site that is hosted in Newcastle. It’s a canceling site for buyers, that have several relatively large internet pages, some are within the 1-2 MB range per page. Most users of as well as are in Malaysia, France, Italy, The nation, etc. (Western Europe). My concern is whether they’ll see a [...]

Looking for an affordable UK Dedicated Server

Greetings, We are seeking a reliable company to make us a managed dedicated server, our budget is 70-90 per month and we need a superb Linux (cPanel/WHM) role-specific server. Looking for that one which provides the fastest ping reply for UK as 100% of the hosting accounts will probably be UK. Requirements Linux using cPanel/WHM2. [...]

UK Server hunt :)

Ok so Concerning bashed the price tag on UK server providers when compared with the US/EU often enough recently few weeks, some keep reminding my family and protesting (almost) that it may not be as bad as I write out I retained some messages suggesting I am “obviously” not searching hard enough as there are [...]

Is this good server spec for node?

Manged to get a special offer from UK trusted dedicated server provider: E5420 CPU12GB RAM2 back button 1 TB Sata (7, 200RPM) Popular SwapRAID A SINGLE HardwareRedundant Strength Supplies Hot Swap Setup: 169. 00Monthly: 80. 00 Is this particular good spec for node (OpenVZ) is there a greater price for similar/better specifications (any location) Sas [...]

Advice about dedicated server purchase in UK

Hello, I use a few dediboxes in France that are great, they are fast enough, provide unlimited bandwidth and therefore are cheap. One of the features we love though may be the ability to re-install the os and not having to contact anyone, I press a several buttons on their management interface, select the revolutionary [...]