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leaseweb – content removal (resolved)

I am having some reactions to them removing a new blatant copy involving our site from other servers. If precisely what I experienced can be anywhere near the actual customer service, I don’ t think high of it. They didn’t even bother for you to read my e-mail, and just told the pollsters with copy/paste [...]

This is completely unreasonable.

Well this really is completely unacceptable, along with pretty bad. WorldStream gave me only 15 minutes to solve an abuse article. You don’t look at to give solely 15 minutes to be able to reply to a strong abuse report and take action. Nobody will be online everytime to reply for the abuse reportd. The [...]

Serverboost ( issues

Hi there! Currently 3 of our nodes from Serverboost aren’t available for in excess of 18 hours… It many started with the truth that we have attained notice of moving servers to your new location in under 24 hours. Serverboost promised the downtime abolish 2-4 hours. At the same time frame has not nevertheless been [...]

turnkey internet

Hi there all, I’m not sure If I needs to be posting this below, Anyway, I only desire to say TurnKey Internet fantastic company, I recently requested 3 dedicated servers there and requested quickly setup with several add-on extensions. They got the item setup in under 48 hours, one or two of the servers they [...]

Never Order frrom

Alright, I am going to begin with a TL; DR for many who are searching. tl; medical professional. Infinite. net is some sort of fake ******** provider. I include called their mobile phone over 12 instances during business hours and have waited on maintain for longer and then 2 hours with no answer. I have [...]

1&1 — what a nightmare!

I merely have to promote my experience that will warn others to stay clear of 1& 1. Had a passionate server with them for quite a few months. No difficulties with the server, until eventually the backup FTP stopped working (they provide space on its FTP server, MY PARTNER AND I wrote an automated script [...]

Routerhosting is the WORST

Ive acquired Routerhosting for in relation to 2 months now and maybe they are worst in terms of customer service. We’ve had 3 downtimes this specific month, slow equipment speeds, and this is suppose as a 1gbit server website. Right right now my site is down since mourning plus they e-mailed me SOME mins after [...]

Need Server (BurstNet)

we need a server out of burstNet Core i7-2600 QUAD PRIMARY 3. 4GHZ 16 gb or 8gb random access memory with Exsi to help make vps on that any 1 selling Why not merely buy from BURSTNET So you need to buy a device from BurstNet plus want someone to dispose of it to anyone [...]

Setting up a high traffic server which relys on Facebook

Concerning been writing a site for over annually which will often be dependant on myspace. It is usually using php/mysql intensively. Is which will be highly favorite on facebook. It will probably accept payments via paypal. It has use of amazon mainly around UK and STATES. It expects to acquire a daily e-newsletter and large [...]

Exedente pay bandwidth

Good day, I bought an avid server at an agency with 100mb dock and bandwidth involving 10 tb to get a client of mine, but a hacker came up to invade and make use of the network link to be able to 1g per 2nd generating an bill for $ 16, 000. Now I wonder [...]