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leaseweb – content removal (resolved)

I am having some reactions to them removing a new blatant copy involving our site from other servers. If precisely what I experienced can be anywhere near the actual customer service, I don’ t think high of it. They didn’t even bother for you to read my e-mail, and just told the pollsters with copy/paste [...]

Looking for a dedicated server :)

Hello there! I’ve been searching for a hosting company within the last 4 days to weeks, but I couldn’t find the one which meets my prerequisites. I’m seeking a dedicated server at an offshore/DMCA-free site. (Panama, Costa Rica, Holland, Russia I do not know how do they take care of DMCA and copyright issues. ) [...]

Dedicated Server Needed [NL]

Hello there WHT members, I’m seeking a dedicated server within the Netherlands who allows Warez linking (DMCA friendly)Specifications with the server: Intel Xeon E3 processor8 GB RAM1 TB area (2 x FIVE-HUNDRED GB)1 Gbps interface speed 100 TB bandwidth16 supplemental IP’sLooking onward for recommendations out of WHT members using their experience(s). Best regards, Henrywags You [...]

Swiftway Good ?

Aren’t able to find much evaluate about swiftway but they post a lot promo here. When you’ve got something to express about them, pls article below. Thank you. About hardware/network==========================Add $520 to have 1000mbps unmetered devoted, very good selling price. They have supermicro server support as much as 12 hdd, pretty good in order for [...]

Dedicated Server needed for Filehost

Hi I am acting onbehalf connected with ddlanime. com, a filehost just for animes. We were using OVH computers and Worldstream machines till now but wish to move on and find a few more servers or much better ones. Configuration we had at the moment was i5 (4) CPU, 16GB Random access memory, 2TB HDD [...]

Sending DMCA complaint to a European Provider

For nearly a week now, I’ve already been sending DMCA’s to both Leaseweb as well as their customer. Their client simply ignores my family (no surprise), but seeing that Leaseweb is any fairly reputable web host, I would expect that they take copyright infringement a lot more seriously than they. Response by Leaseweb: Quote: Beloved [...]

Do BurstNET act on DMCA notifications?

Heya, Was wondering if anyone features any experience working with BurstNET in relation to DMCA notifications We filed one One week ago and simply received a general ticket response, nothing after that and the content is still online. Generally businesses respond within 48 hours to this sort of thing whenever we contact them, so A [...]


Hi there, For the second time in a new row, CloudFlare provides f#ked over my server. They are willingly handing over IP’s of your core server(s) for you to hackers and virtually any random person that forges data at their DMCA web site. This means, some hackers community got to my server IP and also [...]

Cloud vps suggestion ?

Hi, I am trying to find a cloud vps upon Europe (actually, germany is preferred) Allow me to share the things i want – For starters, dont want to acquire shutdown because connected with dmca errors. Getting plenty owing to a customer and don’t need to get kicked beyond server plus don’t prefer to loose [...]